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  • Unexpected awesome news if you do come to Essen!! :) :) (which, being very close by to you you have no excuse for not having gone to before :p)

    Now let's see if we can convince Argent to do as well.
    For the record, this part of the hivemind has decided to not post anything in the D&D forum for the foreseeable & probably not read much of said forum to be begin with.
    So, how does it feel for the game to be finally out & people to be {already picking at the various mechanical incongruities} talking about it? :)
    Going the the LotW videos again (man, reading the whole of the 2 threads again sure has wet my appetite!) i just now realized you had put up those 2 videos on RPG-design; nice ones, too. :)

    Last GenCon i spent a fair amount of time at Ron Edwards' booth & tell whatever you might want about the guy he had a sign-up (last last year, too) saying he would discuss any game designs you had & talk about publishing. And a lot of people, who had no clue who he was, did sit down for that chat (interfering in our Sorcerer game ;)).
    Hey man, add you as a friend in DCUO, if you're in the European PvP server?

    My own 2 characters are:
    Hero - Honesty
    Villain - Kyanite
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