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  • I'm in the Huntsville area. Madison to be exact. We've got an excellent gaming community here and it looks like we'll represent pretty well at Gen Con this year.
    I'm not planning on doing any roleplaying JUST yet, but I'll get back with you later. Truthfully, games like Icon and Supercrew seem to be more up my alley anyway.
    It was the last DragonCon. I played In a Wicked Age and then a little bit of Swashbuckler's of the Seven Skies, then you had to run off for another game. I was the guy who played the High Priest of the Sun Cult in the IAWA game and the Really "Friendly" femme fatale in the S7S game. I may have been complaining about breaking my nose.
    @theuglyknight I'm sure that was the other guy, LOL B-)

    Which con are you thinking about? I usually go to Gencon and Dragoncon (if you're old enough I used to go to Ambercons a lot)...
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