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  • What's your current avatar from?
    Mo Dao Zu Shi/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, a recent Chinese animation series (which should continue next year) adapting a popular BL xianxia web novel.
    Remember the talk about Cassandra as a name & me seemingly liking it & all that?

    Well, i couldn't resist the temptation to use it for my character submission for the upcoming RPG Mystic Empryrean (thanks to my Kickstarter pledge level reward).

    Have been sorta busy with being on a business trip so keeping up even with my own thread (let alone all the others on the matter) other than posting my reviews hasn't really been the case, unfortunately.
    Have you keeping at all with the DC reboot?

    As i ripped the new Batgirl #1 apart here & i was wondering to hear your own opinion about it.
    I am so going to regret posting in yet another thread on how sexism is equal both ways titled: "I get it, really, I do, however..." I am amazed you all have not just packed up and left for 4chan, at least the idiots there are honest.
    Back at work (was 'forced' to spend an extra day of my leave time due to the trains being on strike for the 1st of May & deciding to announce that only 3 days earlier - at least that meant i was around for a gathering of mates at said day).

    Now once again trying to do catching up with everything.

    You? :)
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