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    Little things that turn you off systems?

    No complaints here! I'm not so new to forums as to expect a discussion like this to stay on topic. Speaking of which, another system complaint: when the fluff and setting don't match the mechanics. I'm specifically thinking of Mage: Ascension, where your starting character is required to think...
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    sell me on halflings

    Well, if you're really looking for the Tolkienist perspective, you have the gist of it correct. Tolkien's halflings were the utterly ordinary "little folk" that the readers could relate to, as opposed to all of the wacky fantasy creatures he wrote that no one had read about before. (Of course...
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    Let's Talk About One Shots

    My problem with one-shots is that I either have trouble getting engaged because I know it's not going anywhere, or I enjoy it so much that I don't want to just drop the characters when we're done!:p
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    Little things that turn you off systems?

    I find it amusing how I accidentally spun off a discussion on the level of abstraction in equipment systems, when all I was complaining about was absurd price inconsistencies, regardless of the level of the system. Personally, I don't care about the level of abstraction so long as it fits the...
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    🎨 Creative for my birthday, I would like eleventy-one FTL drives

    It's not at eleventy-one yet! I've got a couple: 57) A completely hard sci-fi setting except people have developed psychic powers. This means that while you can teleport instantaneously between star systems, you retain all relative velocity, so you still have to go through the...
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    Little things that turn you off systems?

    When the economy is so ridiculous I can't even play the game because it's so distracting. "Let's see, I can buy a one-use flash-bang grenade or...four starfighters?!" -or- "For the price of a weeks rations, I could get 175 live chickens."
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    Idea for WOD campaign, edition advice

    I concur with most of what's been said. Old World had a bigger, fleshed-out setting, Chronicles has tighter rules, and for me was easier to jump into. Having played both a few times, I'd go with Chronicles. For what are mostly reasons of personal taste, I vastly prefer Mage: Awakened to...
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    [CofD] Sir Night Compiles Night Horrors: The Unbidden (In-Character Let's Read)

    how-did-this-thing-get-turned-on.mp3 [an audio recording of what sounds like two young men arguing] "-ive me back my phone Jack!" "Corbin, you already said wouldn't have time to mess around on stupid internet forums while-" [unpleasant noises close to the mic as a struggle apparently takes...
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    [CoFD] Sir Night Compiles Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes (In-Character Let's Read)

    Psst...Hey I'm not gone just yet. If anyone out there thought my character introduction was interesting, you might like this bit of (fan) fiction I put up over on the Onyx Path forums. Okay byeeeeeee...
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    [CoFD] Sir Night Compiles Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes (In-Character Let's Read)

    OOC: Well this is silly. Life just happened and starting Feb 11, I will be disappearing from the internet for a while. Sorry guys, I was rather looking forward to this :(.
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    [CoFD] Sir Night Compiles Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes (In-Character Let's Read)

    record_1_DONOTPOST.mp3 OOC: The file appears to be an audio recording of a young man speaking. Oddly, there are audio artifacts throughout, as though it were recorded outside in a stiff breeze. [begin recording] Um, so I tried writing an introduction a bunch of times, but they all came out...
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