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    Chase mechanics

    -deleted weird double post-
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    Chase mechanics

    An aside Atomic Highway is similar to Fate as it is also a count success system
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    Chase mechanics

    Atomic Highway also has great fast rules for chase, especially car combat. For me fast rounds are important to provide verisimilitude of the speed and tension the chase
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    Task Resolution mechanic musing

    Not a fan of adding so many dice. As mentioned, the more die you roll and add the lower the odds from the mean, not a good or bad thing just something to keep in mind. I’d suggest working out the odds and seeing if the chance of success on your target numbers are what you want. I do...
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    How many years have you been roleplaying?

    Not exactly since the beginning but over 40 years, 1978 IIRC.
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    RPG Recomendations

    Think you'd also like Barbarians of Lemuria Dragon Warriors Atomic Highway The Fantasy Trip (check out what the kickstarter produced) Pendragon Bushido Traveller more for collecting: Aftermath! and for the more alternative timeline collectability of it: Mazes & Minotaurs
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    Worst. Modules. Ever.

    As unpopular as it may be, I agree as well. With the view they confuse nonsense with mystery.
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    Worst. Modules. Ever.

    Wish I knew how to like this, so will do it the old fashioned way...too true. I can't recall a Giants in The Earth character that wasn't this way. Ohh the troubles with stating up Conan :)
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    Representing Reach of Melee Weapons

    I tend to agree with your last statement, and from experience. You are basically tracking what happened last round, more overhead and room for forgetting. I like your numbers and effect, would keep that but only have it to apply in situations where it matters, and would consider applying...
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    System for Fighting Multiple Enemies (i.e. emulating that scene where 1 warrior kills a hundred mooks)

    Would you consider a combat being two rolls? 1d20+[Finesse]+[Skill with weapon x] and 1d20+[Strength]+[Skill with weapon x] One roll could be primarily for defense and the other for attack but you could shift points from one to help the other. I'm thinking of the scenes where the hero...
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    Dice Pool Traveller?

    Yes in the sense of using a count success system (5 or 6 is a Success) where you skill+1 is the number of dice rolled. Gear, very high stats (Above A), and situations give you pluses you can use to raise a die. Gear and situations can also give you dice. A roll of 1 is a Failure which needs...
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    New Ban: Do Not Post In Support of Trump or his Administration

    Looked up my password, since it's been many, many years, also just to say I approve of this; there is freedom of speech yet also freedom of association. Although not a fan of RPGnet in many ways, I can agree with it not wanting to associate with pro-Trump rhetoric.
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    Feedback on Simplified Encumbrance Rules

    Very, very close to what I do. It works well. To represent volume I use slots, a certain amount of things can fit into a slot (like short sword, or 500 coins, etc.). If they are all light things 1 stone, average things 2 stone, heavy things (gold), 3 stone. A human gets 8 slots, backpacks...
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    How Many Dice Is Too Many

    As long as the extra dice give players more "power" doubt you will have many complaints. The upper limit for myself is how many can I fit in one hand, and how complex is the process to read them. That is if just counting success/fail not a big deal.
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    Ability scores from 1-10,, Fallout's S.P.E.C.I.A.L.,, and so on.

    There is/was a pen and paper version online of Fallout. Traveler used score ranges nominally from 2-12, up to 15 w/ a 2D6 mechanic. Atomic Highway uses 1-6, with a dice pool mechanics (score = number of dice rolled). Like the concept of 1-10, it's very intuitive.
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