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  • Hello SeekerJST,

    I saw your post look for an artist to do a cover for a new sci-fi book. I would be very interested in working with you on this project, and would be happy to work with you later on any interior pieces you might need completed. My rates are 25 dollars for quarter page black and white, 50 for half, and 100 for full page. Color pieces are double the black and white rate. I am happy to offer a discount for multiple pieces. If you would like to commission me for multiple pieces, then we could work out a deal.
    I usually include my publication credits, but there wasn't room. If you would require them, I can post them in a second message. Here is a link to my online portfolio; http://greenairplane.deviantart.com/gallery

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Kurt A Taylor
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