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    Things you hate that RPGs do to players (pet peeves)

    Present a dozen-plus different stats in basic PC gen for players to keep track of. I've never found a game where dexterity, agility, athleticism, and coordination were differentiated enough mechanically to warrant separate scores. Most games play fine with four or five stats. Also, as may have...
  2. Sensei

    How do you like to see scenarios laid out?

    Absolutely give me boxed text. As experienced as I am, I'll still accidentally say something the players aren't supposed to know if I'm trying to paraphrase a blob of DM description on the fly. ("There's a box on the desk, which is trapped... D'oh!" :censored: ) Give me stats immediately with...
  3. Sensei

    Things you love that players do

    I had to stop running a long-time (25 year) campaign of 1st Ed. D&D several years ago; I was just burnt out. Now, I've discovered 5th Ed., and it offers me everything I liked in the original game, without the overwhelming deluge of extra material we'd accumulated over a quarter century of play...
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    GMs: What are you good at? What are you bad at?

    YAY: - Solid campaign settings, with detailed backgrounds, and events that unfold as the PCs do their thing. My players always feel like they're in a dynamic, interesting campaign world. - Interesting adventure scenarios. I try to have exciting original twists on even simple dungeon dives. -...
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    Unisystem - What would you like to see next?

    I actually had the Uni Eldritch Skies before they had to stop selling it. Got it from the author in a trade. One thing I really liked is that it had an attempt at a Wealth/ Cost score mechanic to purchase items, instead of price lists and tracking nickels. I'd love to see that implemented...
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    Best Sci-Fi RPGs: Setting and System

    As far as setting, I'm a fan of Star Frontiers. Big enough to give you room to move, detailed juuust enough to let you fill in a lot of blanks with your own creativity. Although I'm really digging Coriolis right now, so that's probably tied for my favorite campaign backdrop. For game system, I...
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    RPG Crushes

    Oh, sooo many. :oops: I really have to stay away from Kickstarter! I can't wait to run a campaign of Elite: Dangerous... but we're currently deeply engrossed in Coriolis, so it'll be a while before I can get to E: D. And even then, I'm excited to run MongTrav. Too many sci-fi options! Once I...
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    Inspired by a name, not sure what to do with it (Kali Overdrive).

    I'm picturing the Glow from The Last Dragon, an inner power that suffuses the master's being with supernatural abilities when she's achieved harmony with the universe. Masters of the dragon bindhu can even leech this power off of others, turning their own Glow up to "11" while weakening the...
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    Unisystem - What would you like to see next?

    Beyond Human for sure. I'd like a more detailed sci-fi space opera sourcebook than ATZ provided; I'd like more sci-fi tech gear and a more extensive starship/ mecha creation system. I'm pretty sure I have all the other material I need, though, for the genres I play with Unisystem.
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    Things you hate that GMs do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    I mostly GM, so hopefully my players wouldn't find me in a lot of these posts... :confused: However, when I do play, here's what quivers my quills: * Frequently asking what I want to do, then immediately not paying attention/ moving on to narrate another PC's (or NPC's) scene instead of letting...
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    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    When players randomly break down into loud side conversations in the middle of the game. I'm happy that you and the thief's player just discovered you have the same dentist, but let's not take 5 minutes in the middle of the combat scene to discuss it, please. Wait til we take a break. I agree...
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    Sell me on/off Shadow of the Demon Lord

    AAAAAWWWESOME! I had pretty much lost interest in fantasy gaming, and then I decided to give this a shot. At first I ignored it, because honestly, the name is a bit off-putting. (Sounds more to me like a module idea than a game.) But I started reading the rules and realized it was exactly the...
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    Fate without Situation Aspects?

    My group ignores situational aspects almost completely when we play. Like Mediapig says, if something I've said in a description could be used to an advantage, just chuck a Fate point and make it so. But it's not something we intentionally think about, or I plan when I design adventures. The...
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    I got Elite: Dangerous and some supplement books

    I reached them through Facebook.
  15. Sensei

    (Adventures) of the Demon Lord

    I'm currently running the "Freeport" series (Death in, Terror in, Madness in...) and they have a nice plot arc, and provide reasonable encounters for taking a band of new PCs up to advanced levels as the scenarios progress. There's plenty of room to slide your own adventures in between the...
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