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  • Good stuff. I'm kind of drawing a blank on the actual plot of Slayers seasons 3 and 4, but it's got some of the best filler around. And the OAVs are all wonderful.

    I wonder if the light novels 9+ ever got translated?
    Just noticed you were watching some Slayers way back in yalborap's Let's Watch... ever considered picking that back up? I think you ended around the first third of the first season, and honestly I think that show picks up a lot post season 1. Animation-wise, for sure.
    Coning back to PWB for a short while? Yet another PWB will start soon, same crew +4 sailors
    Yeah, I think that game's over. We just kind of petered out there, and then I got into this weird scheduling and writer's block thing, and so on… :p

    I'm still getting the hang of good pacing in this format, and actually your short Pavis game gave me some good ideas there. I think I have an idea now of how to set up whatever my next game will be for best impact.
    Are we finishing up Beach 14? Here would be a good place to stop if you want to, the guys motoring off for another assault into the mist has a certain pathos :)
    We've got a trollkin game brewing, it should be great. We've got a US GM so we won't spam you out. It'd be great if you could play
    I saw your message in the thread. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly about that. If it's alright with you, I can email you the PDF's of "Together We Stand". PM me your email address if that works for you. (Also, my inbox is empty now so there shouldn't be any problems with it.)
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