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  • Hi Shannon... I hope this get's to you. I have a favor to ask.

    About a year ago I wrote a review for a game called Synthicide. Review is here: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/16/16796.phtml

    I went back to the review because I wanted to updated it, noting the the creator added som artwork into the current version. I don't see an interface to edit the review.

    More importantly, I found out that I had somehow put as the publisher the company that I used to work for, EOS-SAMA, LLC. This game was not published by me. I don't know what happened. The game is published by "Will Power Games".

    Jesse Covner.
    Hey Shannon, don't know how to write a PM via the mobile interface, so... regarding the Google Spam issue, please check rpg.net's DKIM settings. It seems there is no appropriate configuration for RPG.net and Google heavily penalizes domains without DKIM, even if Google itself is used for delivery. If you need any help, just drop a note.
    Hi Shannon

    Could you please tell me which forum would be best for posting an elevator playtest pitch for a game I'm co-authoring?

    Many thanks

    Best regards
    Leo Marshall
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