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  • O hai

    I'm currently negotiating the process of quitting teaching and going back to school. I'll be heading back to uni this year to further my studies. I'll probably have more time then. I've yet to decide what to do with it.

    If I do decide that RPG.net isn't going to be a part of my life moving forward, we really should meet up or something.
    I'll take the road of the Null Bay, simply because it's a unique route.

    Also, do you mind if I add the following to Islokore's inventory: "Mystic Coins and Baby Bouncer Shell"

    It's a bit of a round-about way of saying Turtle Shell and I-Ching Coins. I recently found out about I Ching, and it actually fits with the idea that I have with Islokore. I very much doubt it would be a mechanical thing, just a bit of fluff. (Chance is the greatest way that the Great Changer shows his favor, after all.)
    Edit to the email: I didn't see the "over starting xp" bit in your OOC post, so that's egg on my face there. Man, that happens a lot.
    Very good.

    Also, you replied on your own page. lawl

    Anything happening with you?
    Well, the only reason that I am able to go to this school is thanks to a grant. If I finish this, hopefully I can get a Computer Science job that pays well.
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