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    [Let's Read] Third Party Pathfinder Stuff

    You can find the rules here.
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    [Let's Read] Third Party Pathfinder Stuff

    Bloodforge is based on the book Bastards & Bloodlines from Green Ronin for 3.5. There's a bunch of differences than just the system: the B&B races routinely have LA, and every single one of them is a rather simple hybrid of the parents with not much unique going on. Also it had hybrid monster...
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    Homogenized Races?

    Well, there's another Doyalist* perspective that says having the label of "not human" is important. It's Watsonian* itself to assume that everything has to default to human. * I hope I'm using those right.
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    Is the Best RPG still to come?

    Personally I think freeform is the best, especially if there’s no GM.
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    Shelf Space vs. Pretty Box Sets?

    What I did was sell of my entire physical collection and go entirely pdf. Your comfort may vary.
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    Homogenized Races?

    Oh, right, I need to answer Religion: I don't really "get" religion, fantasy or otherwise. So I don't try. If I need religions they're generic and only there to fill out world-building quota. I guess in that case not only does every member of a race worship the same thing, everyone in the...
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    Homogenized Races?

    On monocultures: I simply assume every individual is an individual, and sprinkle in "culture" as accents that hint at a whole but never precisely define it. Thus I can have as many cultures across as many races as I want, since they're hard to pin down into saying "This individual isn't being...
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    Referring to your character as "I" or "he/she" in game.

    I use Third Person, but that's as much because so many stories are written that way.
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    Looking Back at D&D 3.0 Core

    Class-based defense bonus?
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    IC Crinoverse: Avengers forever IC thread. Part 2

    Omni HP: 1; Conditions: None Senses: Perception +11 "It might be safe enough between you and Bunker making some walls to hold the explosion in." Omni switches on her comm. "Bunker, we need your assistance."
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    IC Crinoverse: Challengers of the Infinite (MnM 3rd Ed)

    Mary Martin HP: 1; Conditions: None Mary attempts to wrap up Octo-Woman's arms with her arms. Yig Grab: 1d20+10 30 -- DC 21 Str (15 w/5 extra limbs only, 16 with elongation bonus only) vs Str/Dodge
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    [Let's Read] Nyambe: African Adventures

    I've heard this happens a lot to non-Europe settings.
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    IC In the Shadow of Elsport

    Spinner Spinner races around the bartender to cut off his escape from another direction.
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    [Zelda: Breath of the Wild]Oh my gosh you guys! This is such an amazing game!

    This is probably why: "challenge" isn't something I get. I should note there are games -- e.g. Dark Souls -- where I do understand speedruns, though mostly because there's not much reason to play the game elsewise.
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