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    A Contrast of Fantasy Africana D&D Settings

    There is an indie/self-published game called Ki Khanga. Check out their facebook page.
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    [AD&D 1st edition] refresher course

    Any recommendations for online character sheets that are free and good?
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    [AD&D 1st edition] refresher course

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
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    [AD&D 1st edition] refresher course

    Thanks, I'll take a look.
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    [AD&D 1st edition] refresher course

    Sure, I know about making rulings and inventing house rules from the old days but my goal is to run the game "rules as written" as much as possible. I want to make sure I did not miss some rule on some page of the 3 original books that explains away any confusion I have.
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    [AD&D 1st edition] refresher course

    I started playing AD&D around 1982 and I stopped around 1989. I haven't played or DMed it since then although I've played many other systems over the decades. But, I recently reacquired the 3 core books and I'll soon run some games. I started this thread in the hopes that someone can answer any...
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    [Atlanta, Georgia,USA] D&D Rules Cyclopedia

    This campaign has come to a close.
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    If I wanted to get into The Known World/Mystara, what's a good start?

    If you get a copy of Rules Cyclopedia then you will have basic info on the original part of the setting. I recommend getting a copy of the recent reprint rather than an old copy; much less expensive.
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    [OSR & Etc] General Discussion Thread

    Yesterday I played Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea for the first time. It was good. The GM used a published scenario called Rats in the Walls. We barely made it out alive.
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    What is the best era to play in Middle Earth?

    Well, there are still three wizards in Middle-earth at the beginning of the 4th Age. Radagast seems like an okay guy but maybe one of the blue wizards became corrupted and imitates Saruman by building an army. That could be a big threat. There are still dragons in the North. That's more of a...
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    What is the best era to play in Middle Earth?

    I can't see how he would mind if you or I gave updates about the sessions (in a separate thread). So far, the biggest threat my warrior from Dunland has faced is the possibility of accidentally marrying a haradrim girl at a watering hole.
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    [Let's Read] AC9: Creature Catalogue (and DMR2)

    Why is Sean Connery from Zardoz attacking that poor rose bush? For shame, for shame.
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    So...TotalCon, sexism and safety at the convention

    So, let's suppose that TotalCon did not have Webb physically on site but had him participate in some panels via video conference. Is that something everyone would be okay with?
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    Yuan-ti origins

    Yep, certainly seems like it was supposed to be some kind of Chinese name. I only studied Chinese language (Mandarin) for one quarter and that was in 1987 but it does seem like it. And "Kuo-Toa" kinda/sorta seems like someone's attempt at a Chinese name.
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    [WIR] Gamma World, first edition (1978)

    Nice work, DJChallix! Very Interesting thread. I played the game a little back in the early 1980's. After reading this thread, the following thought came into my mind and could be a motto/maxim for this game: Gamma World is what would have happened if Jack Kirby had designed a role-playing game.
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