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    Comic Recommendations for someone who last read Spiderman in the 60s but loved Into the Spiderverse?

    There is a trio of small trade paperbacks that contain stuff from some of the big characters in the film, called Spider-Verse Miles Morales, Spider-Verse Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Verse Spider-Men. Marvel has also started doing some tabloid sized graphic novels, which include one that has the...
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    [Humble Bundle] Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy bundle

    With the obvious caveat that the material is from the Inquisition's biased point of view, how good is this stuff at explaining the Warhammer 40K world to somebody like me who only knows some of the basics and a few of the internet memes?
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    [Movies] The 2019 Box Office Report

    I admit I'm tempted to go and see it. And also the Playmobil movie when that comes out, though I don't expect much from it.
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    Are You Buying Pathfinder 2E

    Yeah, the Amazon price has me kinda tempted, though there's a part of me that'd like a chance to flip through the book first. Though I guess I can always check out the SRD. Edit: now that I check, the Amazon price has jumped up $12 so I'm not quite as tempted.
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    Are You Buying Pathfinder 2E

    Magic items were also in the core rulebook in first edition Pathfinder, as generally it seems like the goal of the core rulebook is to have the mechanical bits from the PHB and DMG. (First edition also had prestige classes right in the core book, for example.)
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    So, Genesys Foundry

    The bad copy/paste job clearly extends to more than just the legal language, as the Genesys Foundry page shows a bunch of Scion art asset packs in one of it's new stuff sections.
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    [Superhero Media] The most terrifying and/or horrible Superman expy in media.

    Though I did find it an interesting contrast to All Star Superman, where
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    [Superhero Media] The most terrifying and/or horrible Superman expy in media.

    Titan/Tighten in Megamind is trained by Megamind pretending to be his Jor-El style Space Dad, though Megamind is not very good at being evil, and to the extent that what happens is his fault, it's more for choosing the worst possible candidate for superpowers and then not even attempting to...
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    D&D Classics Thread of DOOM!

    So a bit like the Greyhawk Adventures book but after the edition change. Got it. I'd somehow never heard there was a 2nd edition core Realms box set, but it makes perfect sense given how big box sets were back then.
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    D&D Classics Thread of DOOM!

    Where does that box fit in relative to the 2e hardback Forgotten Realms Adventures?
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    Strangest House Rule

    The Last Unicorn 2: The Last Bridge Troll What ended up happening with the space bridge troll? Were they a friend or foe? I have to say that's a pretty clever use of a troll under a bridge.
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    What is the most "heretical" house rule you've ever instituted?

    Motorskills, are you sticking to the default rule where you can only have one Inspiration at a time? Cause I actually kinda like that reroll rule. It's sort of a heroic fantasy thing of people coming together to overcome fate, evil, whatever.
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    Strangest House Rule

    I could actually see that being kinda fun, since it's potentially an opportunity to eat food that relates to the campaign setting. Bonus points if you're doing something that has an official cookbook you can draw on.
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    🎨 Creative Things that would be discovered in the solar system in a supers universe

    Says id Software when they hear the news: "shit, guess we picked the wrong planet"
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    Exploration-Focused Games for the Switch

    I would actually recommend Super Mario Odyssey. There's a ridiculous number of Power Moons to collect, and I've been having a lot of fun just running around in each kingdom looking for stuff. Also, in addition to the normal coins, each kingdom has special coins that only work there which you can...
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