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Stephen Lea Sheppard

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  • Stephen, thank you again for your participation with my thread, and more generally my game itself. Later, I do want to bend your ear about how much you helped me out back when things were looking rocky (we now have a contract in place, so everyone is much more comfortable!). Right now I'm on my tablet, so I don't want to go too lengthy with this message. I just wanted to be certain and thank you, you've been incredibly kind and helpful to me personally, and I can't under state how much I appreciate you. You are a real class act!

    First off, if I'm asking you to do something you can't, please say so; I apologize, but for whatever reason I can't edit the title of my AP thread and am looking for moderator assistance.


    if you could rename the thread to "[Exalted 2e]Age of Judgment (Season 2)" I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
    Good notation on Uriel Shepard the Renegade vs. Uriel the Paragon. It made me rethink some bits. I appreciate your posts, always, Stephenls! Oh and I really enjoyed your commentary that it was the destruction of Sovereign's avatar that did him in. Nice catch!
    bravo! Great stuff on Mass Effect 2! Thanks for all you commented on in the Krogan thread. You argued very well and made a wonderful discussion. I hope you'll continue adding your thoughts to the Uriel thread (which I just updated). You really opened my eyes to some Genophage ideas.

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