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    Murder mystery larps on Bundle of Holding

    Hi, Right now Bundle of Holding has a great deal on up to 8 larps from Freeform Games. We (Freeform Games) publish murder mystery parties that are basically larps in disguise. We call them murder mystery games so that we can sell them to the general public rather than just to gamers. So...
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    Musings from Bristol #10: Information Flow

    Happily, I've found that experienced freeformers/larpers know that hoarding information is bad. However, when we sell our freeform/larp-style murder mystery games to the general public, they don't necessarily know that. That's the reason we give each character a Secret (something about the...
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    Musings from Bristol #6: Character Design Methodology

    Oops - sorry, you're right. I'm not sure how I missed that, but miss it I did. Apologies.
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    Musings from Bristol #6: Character Design Methodology

    Yes, of course. Perhaps I should have been clearer - my games are designed so that a newcomer with no other assistance can thoroughly enjoy themselves with no prep apart from reading the character sheet. If they have time for more prep, that's all well and good - hopefully they'll have an even...
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    Musings from Bristol #6: Character Design Methodology

    Good question. I like writing and playing (and selling) freeforms. But before I address the question I just want to touch on this point: The freeforms I enjoy tend to be ones that I would expect a newcomer to larp to be able to play. And freeforms in the uk are often very newcomer-friendly...
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    Musings from Bristol #6: Character Design Methodology

    I was going to say that. It's another advantage of the "Organiser written, with player requests" form that the original article missed out. Writing a pregen larp with packaged replay value in mind is a very different proposition from simply writing a pregen larp. It's not easy to write...
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    A new term for freeform / Theatre-Style / parlor larp

    I'm a big fan of the name "freeform" (after all, I named a business after it), but I'm the first to admit that it's useless as a descriptor. Then again, whatever we choose to call ourselves doesn't need to describe whatever it is we do. eg - golf, tennis, soccer, ping-pong and so on. steve (I...
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    Types of LARPs

    Well, it's a scale with 1 and 5 as extremes. The game you suggest might be in the middle, or 2-4. And yes, I consider that v considers a darn sight more than just combat! (PvP and PvE isn't really about combat - see Mike's original post.) steve
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    Types of LARPs

    Yes, you're right. I'm well aware that when I say "plot" in that article, I'm pretty much talking about anything that the writers have included that may (or may not) happen. Calling it "plot" is just shorthand (and slightly sloppy shorthand at that). Great thread by the way, but I keep coming...
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    Fantasy, Horror or Murder Mystery?

    Murder Mystery works for people who aren't otherwise into Larping because it's a handy hook to draw them in. We market our games as murder mystery games - but I have to be honest that I think of them (and write them) as freeforms/larps first and murder mysteries second. (And it turns out that...
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    Writing plots for freeforms

    I've been having a few thoughts about writing plots for freeforms lately - partly as a result of our annual write-a-freeform-weekend this year and partly to try and help some of our authors at Freeform Games. Anyway, I've turned those thoughts into a web-page or two...
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    Your ideal larp

    I've had another thought for my ideal larp. My ideal larp would be one that appeals to the general public. You know, like my Mum and my boss and my staff. steve
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    If I understand Sandy correctly, he's talking about something that's a fair way from the current crop of larps (in all their forms) at the moment. He talks about a wider audience - and that means non-gamers to me. He also mentions a Star Trek experience in Vegas (which sounded closer to theatre...
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    Open Query: How important are multi-format rules?

    I just can't imagine a "seamless" set of rules as you move between venues. Let's take a chariot race, for example. The table top crowd would want do to that using the appropriate vehicle rules. The salon/freeform crowd would probably use Ave Caesar (in fact, that's exactly what I have done)...
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    Actually, I (and others here in the UK) have spent a fair amount of time working out how to run a large (400 player) freeform. It's an interesting theoretical exercise, even if it never actually happens. Here are some of the things that we've thought about: * Finding people simply becomes a...
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