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    Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter (CofD)

    Yes, me too, I quite liked woundgate. Perhaps if Contagion does really well they'll do a Woundgate Chronicle.
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    Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter (CofD)

    Oh for a moment there I thought you were going to incorporate the Shattered Lands material from Mirrors, and that Warghaz (or however it's spelled), being stronger, smarter, and better at teamwork than regular old humans, spread like wildfire after the apocalypse. Now I'm picturing combining...
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    Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter (CofD)

    One of the things I've gleamed is that Contagion isn't a modern thing, it's historical. It might be a change to introduce it to a specific game, but Contagion is part of the status quo of CoD. You could play a Contagion Chronicle set during the age of the Black Death, or the Japanese...
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    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    Honestly, I wouldn't, I'd make something new that would actually work in ExWoD. Sorcery depends on free floating essence in the environment, that's the premise in Exalted 3rd edition. Free floating essence that doesn't exist in the ExWoD. Ancient Sorcery would have depended on converting the...
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    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    Interesting, thanks. Although I think the more interesting bit about exalted vs WOD was the social aspects, which seems to be lacking. Lots of fun options Sidereals versus The God-Machine, or the Exarchs. Exalted Alchemists? Wonder what a conspiracy that specializes in Exalted would look...
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    [Monte Cook] Arcana of the Ancients Kickstarter

    Hmm, pity this isn't dual systemed, I'm not into 5E, but pathfinder. Ah well, I'd have been pretty interested.
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    Shadowrun for Palladium

    Well one could do the conversion, if one wanted, but it does lead me to ask- Are you aware of the Rifts books done in the Savage Worlds system? I mean it's perfectly okay if you just like the Shadowrun system and want to convert to it, but since there's an official Rifts conversion to another...
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    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    Sorcerer and Demon Hunter X include the magics and cinematic combat that ExWoD Exalts wield, but most of the stuff in WoD books don't exist in Creation, and those that do still aren't the same. If you're willing to ignore that, ghosts exist in Creation so the Wraith books would be useful...
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    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    I've been thinking about the White Wolf magazine crossovers myself, the cyberpunk, or Jail of Night Kult fusion. Particularly the Jail of Night fusion, put Exalted in a setting where the mages, vampires, werewolves, etc, are the least of their worries, because the entire universe is against...
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    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    The WW wiki has a rundown on sorcery here, so you can see for yourself if the paths of sorcery are something that would interest you in an Exalted game.
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    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    So am I the only one who wants to have the Vault break open during one of the historical eras for some alternate history goodness? The werewolf the wild west for Deadlands like fun? Vampire the dark ages/Inquisition/Fae/Devil's Due for a more fantasy feel? Or how the appearance of the Exalts...
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    Has anyone checked out "Of Stranger Bonds?"

    So I was browsing the other day on open gaming store and found a series, with compendium, of classes. 50 classes, 49 of them monster classes, and the Pledged, which seem to be a kind of divinely empowered class with six archetypes, apparently have an order system akin to Cavaliers, and a...
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    [CofD] Hurt Locker: It's Out!

    As others have said, not really. However, I imagine more than one Arrow is going to want to look at the combat merits, and the microtemplates would all be sleepwalkers, although some of them make more sense as minor members of the orders, mage employees, or particularly odd proximi than others.
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    [WW/OP] Are the *20 Lines Winding Down?

    If you are talking about sin-eaters, they never died, they had near death experiences, really being closest to the benendanti from owod. Although the far closer equivalent of playable ghosts in chronicles of darkness never got a gameline- Revenants in Antagonists, and the playable ghosts...
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    [Pathfinder] Gadgeteer/Tinker Gnome Class?

    Oh, I don't know if it might be too too tinker gnome, but there's a new option, courtesy of Four Horsemen Present: Comedic Character Options, which includes the mad scientist archetype for alchemists. Which can make devices in addition to extracts, and copy wizard/sorcerer spells, at the...
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