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    [The Expanse] standins for ships, from other games?

    The webcomic Crimson Dark has some cool exterior shots of ships, though they are designed with different assumptions than the expanse (FTL, energy weapons): http://www.davidcsimon.com/crimsondark/database/ships.html
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    [Ars Magica] Rhine Tribunal Saga

    Thanks for taking the time to post this, it's an inspiring read and I am excited to hear what happens next (that final line was perfect, poor Robert, no love for a Diabolist). Do you feel like going into any detail on your prep-work? This is what sometimes intimidates me about Ars, particularly...
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    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    Happily, we seem all to be arguing in good faith. I think we can agree that the whole being forced to play something you do not enjoy, in order to keep the group "alive", is a undesireable situation for all included. Likewise, I have experienced people who blocked the next thing because they...
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    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    I have one player who annoys me in this way - no matter what game we are playing, his pitch is always "Batman, but in space", "Batman, but with an axe", or "Batman, but with a bow". It is creatively bankrupt, devoid of variation or any kind of understanding of the genre we are playing. Fuck, I...
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    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    But do you actually think that the reverse - "Since we need you for this to work, you are now obligated to play it to enable our fun even though you have no interest in it and will likely not enjoy it." is healthy? When you make it so reductive, those are the two options - either play something...
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    Attack Sequences - Further considerations for cinematic fantasy combat [potential spoilers]

    I think exalted 3rd is also built around the idea of asymetric combat. You fight to seize the Initiatiative and when you have enough, you cash it in to make an attack that actually hurts the opponent. It is built to emulate shounen anime combat, more than epic movie fantasy. However, in almost...
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    Player Agency and GM Determinism

    While I agree with the sentiment, I would say that the real talent of the GM is to facilitate that players and GM can communicate about what the game needs and what the players want/like. Your point about it not being black and white rings true though. Agency is one of those things that...
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    Magic in the Modern Day: How do you prove the existence of the supernatural? And why shouldn't you?

    The webcomic El Goonish Shive has a fairly unique angle on this - Magic doesn't want to be discovered. Magic is a drama queen who likes to be rare, has power linked directly to drama/narrative punch (you CAN game this system) and what happens is if to many people discover/learn to use magic...
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    [Burning Wheel] [Kickstarter] Rewards with the right hand, refunds with the left.

    I wholeheartedly agree that politeness, communication and respect are in no way detriments to the creative process and that most who claims so is just looking for a justification to act like an ass, but I think the scale is a bit different. We are talking about being moderately rude to a...
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    [Burning Wheel] [Kickstarter] Rewards with the right hand, refunds with the left.

    While I agree that Luke his actions are rude and not great customer services, the fact that he gave a very unambiguous warning that this was how the Kickstarter would be run - in the FAQ - makes a big difference. Yeah, the complaints are valid and it would be better if he had dropped the mask or...
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    How 'D&D-ish' is Torchbearer?

    In some ways it is similar to Dungeon World, in that a lot of the set dressing is intentionally similar to D&D (races and classes), but the system is almost completely different from D&D (and DW for that matter). BWHQ's games tend to be fairly friendly to hacking, once you have a grasp of them...
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    Paradox purchases White Wolf?

    You are right that a lot of the reasonable tactics - allies, weapons, etc - are too effective compared to the horror genre. However, that's more emblematic of the lack of genre enforcing mechanics in general. Horror relies on the protagonists being weak, irrational, unable to do the "smart"...
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    Paradox purchases White Wolf?

    How are we defining horror here? Once we have "competent" supernatural protagonists, we are definitely out of the mainstream. A lot of the things in mainstream horror movies could be handled with a competent swat team (almost everything in the slasher genre), but in WoD it's easy enough to...
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    I never considered playing in the mythic age alone, as Menchi says it... wasn't anything spectacular. I remember there being a few neat ideas, but there was no compelling reason to not just play... Council of Wyrms (for that dragon fix), Eberron, Earthdawn, D&D or any of a dozen more or less...
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    Yeah... I think this is where it becomes hard. We've identified a lot of the things we like about the game, but when it comes to system... We're almost completly in the realm of personal preference. As a fan project, I'd be game for using whatever system the majority could agree on. However...
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