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    7th Sea goes to Chaosium!

    7th Sea 2e already has a purpose built system, and I don't see why they (remember JW is staying on as line director) would shift to an older or more traditional system when that was explicitly what 2e was getting away from in the first place. Chaosium support multiple systems already, and BRP...
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    [Invisible Sun] $100 PDF

    I went and downloaded the free preview from the MCG site and while it's pretty, the art isn't *amazing* and the setting seems just so, so overwritten and excessively "different" for the sake of being different. I have no problem with RPGs that use lots of components (WFRP3 is a top five game...
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    "Realistic" things that no-one actually wants to deal with in fantasy games

    Has Orbis Mundi been mentioned yet? It's a book written with gamers in mind that goes into great detail about all aspects of medieval life. All sorts of stuff from this thread is in there, along with far more than you could ever cram into a game.
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     Odd Things You Like in RPGs that Others Think are Odd?

    It's not about being shy, but wanting to be able to create a character who mechanically can do anything, be that social or physical. If everyone can build a melee or ranged fighter while having no skill at arms in real life, they should be able to do the same for a social butterfly. Plus that...
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    [Invisible Sun] $100 PDF

    I feel like if there was a $40 version of the game with Core Rules and Setting Info (with a small number of cards) and then a bigger package with everything, maybe even slightly higher priced, no one would bat an eye. But because the buy-in is so so high it gets the negative reaction. You can...
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    What is your preferred system for ancients wargaming?

    DBA or Hail Caesar (I put four DBA infantry bases or two cavalry bases together to make a unit, though you could easily play just with a DBA army).
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    BattleTech (the new boxed sets/edition) A game of pew-pew stompy-stomp.

    I was one of those folks who did the "Buy Two, get a third set of minis" promotion CGL did with the last box set (in 2014). Between those, another box set I picked up when I was out of state that Summer and wanted to play, and an older '08 box, I have well over a hundred mechs just from Starter...
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    People don't like learning new rules

    I love rules. I love learning them, breaking them, seeing how they work and how I can repurpose mechanics for different situations and feels. I love both genre specific games that really evoke a particular style or theme, and toolkit systems where you can add all sorts of options to tailor the...
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    [necro]Modiphius' Conan RPG (where I ask about updates and such)

    Wave 2 has been all the remaining "Conan the [BLANK]" books plus Nameless Cults, the enemies book and the locations book for as long as I can remember. I haven't heard of anyone else having their Waves lowered from 3 to 2 and being forced to pay for more shipping. When did this happen? FWIW, I...
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    [necro]Modiphius' Conan RPG (where I ask about updates and such)

    If you ordered three waves originally, shouldn't you have already gotten Wave 1 in Fall 2017? So you'd have two waves left and I think they're offering a third shipment if you want the first half of Wave 2 early. I've seen no indication they've removed a Wave.
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    [necro]Modiphius' Conan RPG (where I ask about updates and such)

    Did you pick 1 wave and now they're gonna ship it in two with an extra fee? Or 3 now into 4 waves?
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    [GUMSHOE] Trail of Cthulhu vs. Esoterrorists vs. Night's Black Agents

    NBA would work very well as a base game for playing an Inquisitor's Retinue, with a dash of Ashen Stars for cyberware and ship stuff. You could build by the book NBA characters and play the Eisenhorn novels. The Double Tap supplement comes with a bunch of rules for cool tech and fancy gun...
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    [necro]Modiphius' Conan RPG (where I ask about updates and such)

    They did it, at least if you had at least the PDF Master collection. I don't remember exactly what process they used, bit i have different emails on the accounts for KS, Pledgemanager, and DriveThru and it still worked.
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    [necro]Modiphius' Conan RPG (where I ask about updates and such)

    Haven't gotten any email of the sort. Not sure what you mean about the update. It is really clear that they are shipping to people who's order of books is now complete, including the Monolith Crossover only folks. But yeah seems like Conan the Adventurer has been forgotten the last two...
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    Jungle Hexcrawl Resources/Adventures

    So my Conan game will be heading to Kush (the "Africa" pastiche region) in a about a month. They'll have an official goal (figuring out what happened to a missing prince who disappeared on a jungle expedition - foul play suspected), their own personal goals (eliminating a slaver organization...
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