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    [Spoilers] Supergirl - Season 4 - Episode 22 - "The Quest for Peace"

    I still like this show, but man, the writers room needs to go back and rethink how to write natural-sounding dialog. So much of the "Yay for the media" lines seemed very clunky and forced, however strong the sentiment.
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    If you were a Scooby-Doo villain, what would be your motive?

    Cthulu is a high priest, right? He was clearly trying to get an advanced degree in theology, but graduate school financing can be crippling, especially for a non-traditional student.
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    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    Sven is a little early (and in poor taste) for Red Nose Day...
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    Westworld III - HBO 2020 [merged]

    Scooped, here.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    So my question is whether they just keep Darkwing as an occasional episode within DuckTales, like Gizmoduck, or use this as an actual backdoor pilot and launch a whole separate series. (I'd vote for the latter and pull in Launchpad, so Della can be Scrooge's pilot on DuckTales.)
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    Pretty much spotted it when they introed the movie's lead actor as the superfan from the signing but didn't actually name him.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    Veiled commentary on Ant-Man, do we think?
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    DCCW Casting Rumors/News 2019-2020 (Potential Spoilers)

    Based on the recent synopsis, they're using a big chunk of the Rebirth origin instead -- her father runs a paramilitary security/police force, doesn't know Kate's Batwoman, and hates costumed crimefighters. So, yay, drama?
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    PBS/BBC Les Miserables: Anybody Else Watching?

    I think the first time he's even mentioned at the barricade is when Gavroche recognizes him as a policeman and he immediately admits to having come to spy on the rebels. There's no real setup for it, and nothing like Javert's monomaniacal obsession with Valjean in the book -- they just keep...
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    I love that the TiVo Netflix app hasn't been "upgraded" to auto-trailers yet.
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    PBS/BBC Les Miserables: Anybody Else Watching?

    Yeah, they've so abridged the romance between Marius and Cosette that it's fairly pointless. I also think they've mishandled Javert's obsession with Jean Valjean. I don't recall Javert being convinced that Valjean must be the leader of the revolutionaries, for example, and it's an odd stance...
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    [Supergirl] Season 4 - Episode 21 - "Red Dawn"

    Not exactly evil Brainiac; he's still trying to defeat Supergirl's opponents after all. More like amoral or unemotional Brainiac.
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    [Official] Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Thread Part II

    Well, he could be doing some things (possibly as Nomad?) But I think I prefer the idea that there was a separate timeline where he married Peggy and they cleaned up SHIELD, kicked butt on Hydra, etc. until she died and he got old. Then he came back to the main MCU timeline a couple of months...
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    [Supergirl] Season 4 - Episode 21 - "Red Dawn"

    So I'm guessing we are getting President Luthor next year?
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    All New All Different MCU Rumor Thread

    Why on Earth would Deadpool cameos even make sense? The Stan Lee cameos were a sweet homage to a guy who had a huge influence on the whole genre. Deadpool is a gimmick character, not a major figure in superhero comics history. If there are more cameos in the next phase of mainline MCU...
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