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  • They missed out on a vital step in the process of having literally thousands of eyes scouring the pdf for errors so they could correct them before going to print, causing many people to (I think correctly) assume the game wasn’t as good as they were claiming and was riddled with errors.

    I was one of those people who was forcibly removed from the campaign, but due to calling them out repeatedly on social media, and several times on our podcast, Jayson tried to silence me by giving me a pdf copy for free after insulting me quite a lot and accusing me of only been interested in the money I pledged.

    I would never back another project by them as they clearly lied about the game being ready and their communication is terrible.
    So, here’s the thing with the TS:NWO Kickstarter.

    In the original campaign they claimed the pdf was ready to go to the printer as soon as the campaign ended, and that pdf backers would get it straight away. Then they announced after it ended that they wanted to preserve the unboxing experience for everyone, so until the physical copies were delivered the pdf wouldn’t go out. Over 1/4 of their backers were pdf only, so would never get to unbox the game. Anyone who spoke against them for this decision were eventually removed from the campaign and refunded their pledge without consultation.

    They repeatedly ignored messages from backers, deleted their comments, censored whatbwas being said and refused to discuss things.

    Then bizarrely, Jayson from TSR games posted a video of him opening the boxed game, ruining the whole unboxing experience for everyone anyway.
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