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    Please help me enjoy superhero comics

    ] Well, Personally I’d recommend Hellboy any day and he’s Dark Horse :) Also Astro City.
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    In honor of Don Williams, give me songs featuring your home town

    Several DeLillos songs are about Oslo; some other groups too. I still suck at the whole incert video thing though.
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    Please help me enjoy superhero comics

    When I started enjoying superhero comics as an adult the first stuff I really liked were the superbuddies miniseries (Can’t Believe It’s Not The Justice League) and Gotham Central. Very different (sitcom vs gritty crime).
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    [April Fools, obv.]Press Release- RPGnet And Walt Disney Announce Exciting New Partnership

    Re: Press Release- RPGnet And Walt Disney Announce Exciting New Partnership This is the best thing ever. Well a Kingdom Hearts game including Star Wars, Marvel and RPG.net characters would be even better, I mean imagine Donald Duck, Chewbacca, Mighty Thor and Cannibal Smiley as a hero team!!
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    Who Are Your Favorite (fictional) Detectives?

    I’ve watched a couple episodes and liked them. Atkinson was great 😀 I’ve been told the TV version is a bit different from the book version though.
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    [Glorantha] Sartar is boring

    Google is friendly but there’s not all that much.
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    [Glorantha] Sartar is boring

    I really wish there’d be more stuff about the not Sartar bits of Glorantha, since pretty much the entirety of the bits of the setting that aren’t Sartar are way more exciting than Sartar. The monoteist West, or those Island places in the East, or Pamalthela.
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    Anime and the stigma associated with watching it

    Come to think about it, Fist of the North Star isn’t about teens either! :)
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    💀 Necro Terrible covers (of Books, not Songs) ...

    Steven Tyler’d make an awesome witch. I’d team him up with Slash, who’d also make an awesome witch.
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    If they rebooted The Love Boat, who would be Charo?

    I *love* Sofia, but she’s way too skilled! :)
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    Who Are Your Favorite (fictional) Detectives?

    I’m fairly stodgy - mine would be Phillip Marlowe and Hercule Poirot, But also Seconded!😎 Also seconded (thirded) 🙂 I like how decent, balanced and well normal he is. His 1st and 3rd assistants were also good, for different reasons, and you gotta love his family 😀
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    In which I talk about my OSR Meta-Project

    W&W looks interesting. The mention of vampire patriarchs got me hooked. Vampire Hunter D? 🧛🏻*♂️😉 I hope there’ll be a place for ridiculously powerful martial artists in it too...👊🏼
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    [Music] Terrible covers...

    The Scissor Sisters cover really is borderline Lovecraftian.
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    [Music] Terrible covers...

    The original is very very good. One of Dolly’s best. It’s very much a heartbreak song mind.
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