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  • Hola!

    Yes, I'll be at Gen Con, but not officially with anyone. I'll likely be spending a lot of time hanging out at Eden's booth. Thursday night I'll be trooping with the Rebel Legion, but I don't know where that will be going on. Saturday is my birthday. Nothing has been cemented for that, yet. Definitely keep your eyes open, though! I'm intending on being pretty informal this year and will likely be costuming more than one day (depending on if I finish my additional costume in time).
    Hey man,

    where will you be at GenCon (any company's booths, for instance), to drop by & say a "Hi"? :)
    Hey, man. I'm really sorry to hear what happened. But listen: look around, find a small company whose games and rules you dig, come up with an idea, and send them a proposal. A lot of them will sign you on based on your experiences with Palladium.

    Don't sweat it; I'm sure you're a great writer with a lot of potential. One thing Kevin is good at is spotting potential. He's just very bad at developing it. He expects every writer he brings on to turn in the Best Game Evar(TM) on their first draft...which just isn't the way it works.

    If there's anything I can do to help out, I'll be glad to. You can contact me by e-mail if you like. PM me directly and I'll give you my personal/business e-mail.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and best of luck!

    Jason, I really should have learned from yours and Steve's experiences before I signed my creation over to Kevin.

    BTW, I love your work.

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