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The Grey Elf

Ask me if you want to know.

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Aug 7, 1974 (Age: 45)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Purchasing/Facilities Manager, Training Grant Administrator


Jason Vey, The Grey Elf: http://www.elflair.com/
Yankee Pack, Son of Liberty; Cult of Howard; Maiden Militia
Author, Amazing Adventures Pulp Roleplaying Game
President, Elf Lair Games--go buy Spellcraft & Swordplay!
Author, Dungeons and Zombies, author, Band of Zombies, co-author,All Tomorrow's Zombies; suggestions and original pdf editing, ZeFRS

"The spell is called "Cure Light Wounds" because I strongly suspect Gary thought a spell called "Restore Small Random Amount of Arbitrary Abstract Resource" didn't sound as nice....He was right, too." -Old Geezer, on AD&D
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