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  • Hey so big fan of you and your cohorts work on LtT, I've been a storyteller for 12 years played everything owod (even mummy) and a lot of nwod. I've lived in southern California all my life and san Diego for about 6 years. I'd love to contribute on the city chapter. If you would like send me an email @t.j.Wilson 86@gmail.com.
    Yeah I give them out to just about anyone. But treat them like spoilers rather than post them on the thread.

    If I get hit by a bus and you're the only one with them, then feel free to make sure it doesn't vanish forever ;)
    Ummm, do you give those bullet points for the metaphysics for Mage: the Indebted out to anyone? I think it would be interesting to read them. What say you? :)
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