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    [Night's Black Agents] Operation Sparkle: Twilight vampires as a antagonist

    I dig the idea of still having to stake them, despite being marble-hard. Either some kind of wood-core railgun cooked up by Q section, or possibly just hitting them with a large caliber to chip a hole and hoping they're gobsmacked by your sheer impertinence enough that your buddy can get in...
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    Good inspirational random tables

    So for whatever godless reason I was struck with a profound desire to generate a Palladium character, perhaps to resolve some sins from a past life. An hour later I'm lost in the potential of using Nightbane to come up with spirits and monsters to menace characters in other games, rolling up...
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    Agents of FATE

    So I've been watching Archer, and it has once again given me that itch to run a spy game that I tend to get after any series focusing on cloak-n-daggerery (Cf. The Sandbaggers, Burn Notice, The Prisoner, Queen and Country) but which inevitably seems to fade once the inherent challenges of a...
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    [ORE/Nemesis] Keep the highest/keep the lowest - and what's with Stats?

    I'm thinking of running a Nemesis game in the near future (I've been excited about the rules for months, but I moved away from my usual nerd stomping grounds and only recently found a new gaming group). As such, I've been eyeballing all the various rules extensions, patches, and muck-arounds on...
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    #11: Pop Culture Toolkit

    On the subject of the Nephandi and their "Shut it down forever" motivation, I was wondering if you had read Steven Aylett's Shamanspace. To put it in terms so much duller than the novel, humanity finds a way to kill God. This creates an argument not as to whether it should be done, but if doing...
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    [Unsure] A collection of scenarios?

    Well, huh. It was Pantheon. IGNORE ME.
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    [Unsure] A collection of scenarios?

    Hey, I remember being a wee gamer, flipping through RPG books at the game store for as long as I could before the staff caught and yelled at me, and I came across a weird collection of scenarios. It worked on some kind of wicked freeform diceless resolution system, and each scenario was...
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    Post your games that never were

    It's really cool, but there's no way it'll work. You don't have the time/the resources/the skills/the players to run that campaign. So you shove in a drawer (literal or mental) and go on with your life. This thread is for all the neat (or in retrospect, not-so-neat) ideas we had for campaigns...
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    Memorizing atmosphere really does make for better gaming

    But, I think, the point is that memorizing the lists (or, for those us of with minds like seives, having a list of cool set dressing on hand) will help you to visualize the scene and, better yet, help your players visualize it.
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    What point do Personality Mechanics serve?

    People in real life can be irritatingly unpredictable, unable to do what they want or finding themselves doing things they don't want to do. Consider the difficulty of carrying out the simple command "Go walk up to that cute girl and say hi"*. Or "Punch that bastard right in his smug face". Of...
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    What point do Personality Mechanics serve?

    Neat! I love UA mostly, but I was always annoyed that your reactions to blown Madness rolls were limited to Fight/Flight/Freeze. It might just be the wording, but these seem like a much better variety of options for responding to, say, having your house burn down. I'd like to know more. (It...
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    #6: The Bowels of the Matter, Part One

    Big brass ones, definitely. Seeing as I've been wanting to make a UA game featuring copromancy*, this is glorious. * Eating it would be almost too straightforward. I think of it as being more like Mazie Zeus in Morrison's almighty Arkham comic - it came out of your body, so it has your power...
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    Grim Tales SRD

    Is there a mirror of the Grim Tales SRD anywhere? Only I can't seem to find it.
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    [UA - Help] GMing myself into a corner

    Here's the story so far - Old woman (Estrella Cardiff) gets killed, party investigates, finds that she recently bought an artifact (a crystal skull) from an adventurer-thief named Zachary Gagne. They track down the killer, but the killer is himself (rather messily) killed. They proceed to go...
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    [RPG Art]Art that fits the game perfectly?

    The art in the German version of Unknown Armies is damn near perfect. I ran across an archive of it a few months back and I was blown away. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark it and forgot what I'd googled to get there... The original's great too (especially those awesome pastiches for the...
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