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  • There isn't a newer version of either, and I just accessed both of them without incident. They're both set up so that anyone with the link can access them. You should be able to get to both just by clicking the links.

    Sometimes GoogleDocs is weird. Tell you what, if you can't access them by tomorrow, PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you the files. If the GDocs weirdness clears up on its own, send me a message to confirm that you got them so that I know that I don't need to muck about with my files.
    Hi TheMouse!
    I can't access the TrifoldFate - Aspects only version of your Google Docs & CompactFate. (Permission needed?)
    Is there a newer version online?
    Hi, TheMouse!
    Would it be possible to see your Exalted conversion (or however much of it you have at this point, anyway)? :)
    Compels are pushing the players' agendas. Setting up a scene is just framing things so that the group can interact meaningfully. SteveD is a weirdo sometimes.
    Purple looks better on me than red, depending on the tone. I look better in darker colours. Bright colours make me look blotchy.
    Well, in the movie, it's more like purple in some episodes. Still wrong skin colour?

    And, well, it happened a couple of times and I just associated with your chosen handle;)!
    TheMouse, do you wear red and have 4 trained turtles:D? I just added that to my last post anyway!
    I only have suspicions, of course, but you wouldn't be a true ninja if I could confirm them, right;)?
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