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    [Netflix] The Dragon Prince Book 2: Sky (Discussion Thread)

    I had the same thought, that Ezran's ability might be a more benign expression of dark magic. It seemed to me like they are setting up Aaravos as the big bad, although I definitely agree that Claudia seems to be on something of a corruption arc. I'm hoping that she winds up with a redemption...
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    Building an Isekai Setting

    I've had vague ideas about an isekai setting based a little bit on the historical Ten Thousand, a band of Greek mercenaries who were hired by the younger brother of one of the Persian emperors in an attempt to claim the throne. The isekai version would be that some sort of Demon King (or what...
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    Difficulties relative to skill?

    It sounds like a sort of "inverse dice pool" system, where you roll dice equal to the difficulty and succeed if you don't roll any failures, would give you what you want. If p is the probability of a single die producing a failure, then the probability of success is (1 - p)k, so each +1 to the...
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    Steven Universe 2: Make it gayer!

    Yay! New episodes! Happy days and jubilations! We don't know that yet.
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    Steven Universe

    That brings up some thoughts I've had. I find it interesting to think about how the Gems might have interacted with humans throughout history. I get the impression that they've generally been pretty isolationist, but there's still a whole bunch of ruins sitting around, and they have spoken with...
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    Steven Universe

    I just discovered Steven Universe a few days ago, and promptly set about marathoning everything that's been released so far. At first, my reaction was "Eh, this is okay, but nothing special. I'll keep watching, though, since I've heard that it gets better." Then I saw Mirror Gem, and I was...
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    Fantasy Age Hath Arrived

    I'm trying to work on adapting Fantasy AGE to a setting I've wanted to run for a while, and I'm running into difficulty with races. Specifically, my setting doesn't have any non-human races, so I need to replace the standard races with something else. My first inclination would be to replace...
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    [Where My Twin Watches]: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    I'm enjoying this thread so much that I registered to say so (well, that and I wouldn't mind participating in the forum in general). I'm looking forward to your thoughts on and reactions to the series. I did notice someone said that the only way to get the dubbed version was expensive discs...
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