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Tom McCambley
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  • Hello sir, I would very much like to get involved with one of your AD&D campaigns. I'm awaiting approval and details at your convenience. Thank you.
    Hey Tom, We plotting to shove some retired admiral noble down a black hole in the Spinward Blues game. You might want to chime in.

    Currently, Tom's Friends box on the side says "Showing 6 of 9 Friend(s)". I thought people might enjoy that.
    It means we're not only not friends, but bitter enemies within the auspices of the interfacebookrpgnetyahellpagesmsn dot com world
    …Now that's a new feature.

    If I rejected the application, would that mean that we're not friends, or simply not electronically so?

    Is there an enemies list? A passing acquaintances list? A friends with benefits list? A wossisname I knew back in the day list?

    Ah, the knotty questions of 21st century living.
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