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    Cam Banks Licenses Cortex and Cortex Plus!

    Does anyone know if this means the MWP stuff is going to go off drive through rpg? I have the Leverage core book and I've been looking at the other supplements for a while. I'd love to know if I have a time limit now. Thank you!
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    Changeling Crossovers

    Evil Midnight Lurker- my wife had the same thought and ran about 10 sessions of Revolutionary Changeling Utena. I played Mitsuru and it was *epic.* Oh man, what can't you C:tL? The kiths, seemings, and courts are so broad you can adapt almost any character set. My wife and I have done...
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    [Hunter: the Vigil] New book in development Monstrous Bastards

    My first thought for Hunter/Lost? You could basically do a hunter cell of fetches that thinks they're Reckoning-style Imbued Hunters. Everything's puttering along fine, and one day, you change. You can see the monsters all around you, and you get powers to fight them (I think there's rules...
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    [Changeling: The Lost] Alternate Court Systems

    One Ordinary Time Court- the Christmas Court lasts until Lent. The College of Cardinals, with a rotating pope, rules the freehold. Each Liturgical Court is administered by a Cardinal, except for the Ordinary Court, which is the Court of the Courtless (a large population in our NOLA). They...
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    [Changeling: The Lost] Alternate Court Systems

    IIRC, Winter Masques has suggestions for alternate seasonal courts- monsoon season court specifically, tornado season court, etc. It's not that hard to come up with a whole original court structure- you just need court philosophies, glamour emotion, and mechanical effects/description of mantle-...
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    CtL: The Freehold of Punxsutawney.

    "Yeah, I remember that year the Spring Court tried to use a Goblin Contract of Time to make Phil be blind to his shadow and it backfired. Things....got weird."
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    CtL: The Freehold of Punxsutawney.

    My wife turned to me yesterday and said- "you know, in the Freehold of Punxsutawney they totally have some ancient arcane clause of the Seasonal Court Contracts that determines the length of the winter court's reign based on if the GroundHob sees its shadow. The end of January is full insane...
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    [necro]White Wolf cWoD/oWoD PDF/PoD FYI thread, BTW

    Re: White Wolf cWoD/oWoD PDF/PoD FYI thread, BTW I am greatly, greatly interested in anything shiny and Purple from White Wolf, but I'm planning to get Mage 20th which I believe will have Technocracy revised material. Does anyone know if there is there material in the revised Convention books...
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    Americans, sell me on using your city for a World of Darkness chronicle!

    I can't believe no one has mentioned Baltimore yet! It's a crumbling, murder and drug filled urban wasteland with a corrupt local government and no real hope of improvement- perfect for World of Darkness! Any crazy Medical experiments can be going on through Johns Hopkins, and it's the first...
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    Mage flame war theory

    No! No! I'm seriously not trying to start a flamewar! I'm trying to say I've figured out what this game, above all others, makes me act like an ass on the Internet!
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    Mage flame war theory

    I've been pondering recently what seems to be a pretty constant part of rpg forum life- any post about Mage, or World of Darkness, or creative magic systems, or anything that could in any way bring up Mage sparks off at least a minor flamewar. I know it's true for me, personally- the most...
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    Ravenloft in nWOD?

    I've long promised my wife that I would someday convert Ravenloft into nWOD rules for her using Mirrors, which begs a couple obvious questions. Has anyone done this already? I'd love to not re-invent the wheel. What is the Most D and D-style nWOD Magic system? I heard there's a couple of...
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    [World War Z] Heading north...

    On the subject of Burning Wheel, could a modified Mouse Guard work? I haven't read it in a while, but it sounds like the Beliefs/Instincts/Nature conflict could fit this, and it's got a lot of support for nature/weather hazards. You'd have to hack the skills and Wises to make them modern and...
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    in-game worship

    I actually wrote a column for RPG.net a few years ago called “Clerical Error” with some suggestions for designing religions and playing religious characters. To me, the thing to start with when designing a religion is a hero quest story, not a creation myth. If you have the story of some saint...
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    [V:tM] Weird Thoughts You Had In Masquerade

    All of the discussion of the antediluvian rampages is really helpful to me, as I've been kicking around a Vampire-Technocracy mashup based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Eidelon units are humanity's only hope to stop the Antes from reaching terminal dogma and triggering third impact! I...
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