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    WH40K Live Action TV Show - Eisenhorn

    Hmmm. Could be fun, could be awful. Time will tell! Me, I’d rather see John Barrowman as Commisar Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM. But maybe if this show takes off we’ll get spinoffs.
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    [Starfinder] What have you done with it?

    So! Half Price Books had a 50 percent off sale today, so I went ahead and snagged me a copy of the Starfinder corebook. I'm not super-familiar with Pathfinder, TBH (or, well, I played a lot of 3.5 in college, and same thing, right?). Thus far, I'm browsing through it-- it looks pretty neat, if...
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    Save the Music What-If

    Welp. Bunch of weird indie & local stuff. A good deal of 90’s alternative. Some ska. Lots of nerd music (that hip hop survives mostly through the work of MC Lars is kind of tragic). A few broadway/movie soundtracks (including Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sorry). I’ve at least got The Best of Queen in...
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    [Where I Watch] My Little Pony 9: Trampling the Status Quo

    Wait, I thought we were on a summer hiatus?
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    [Feng Shui 2] Opinions? Anyone playing?

    Well since you ask, let's see if this Google drive thing works ... The notes in there are of the basic three-act "Go over there and punch some guys!" structure. Probably missing some stuff in there, as I tend to run games off the cuff. And, y'know, I didn't quite have the time to properly edit...
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    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    I mean, the typical tsundere doesn't build death rays when they're on a tear, so ...
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    [Looking for Recommendations] Rap

    Hm. "Rap" is a huge, huge genre. It's like saying "recommend some rock & roll." And while I'm farthest from the expert on the Hip-hop genre, a few recommendations: My suggestion would be to start early with 80's hip hop. So, like, Run DMC, The Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique, and ... probably a...
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    [studioTRIGGER] What if Kamina was a vaporwave firefighter? PROMARE is what. (teaser trailer)

    Neat! So this is a movie/OAV, not a series, yes?
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    Someone Has Put Way Too Much Thought Into Goofy Cartoons

    Meh. Honestly, I think this looks at things a bit too simplistically. "We don't see someone, so therefore THEY ARE DEAD." I'm perfectly willing to consider ex-wives and distant-siblings as being "off camera" for the purposes of the show. As for post Goof-Troop cartoons, they're OBVIOUSLY in a...
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    Disney's Mulan teaser trailer

    Yeah, "Disney does a Kung-Fu Movie" is pretty interesting-- I dare say this might be the only of the live-action remakes I've got any interest in seeing. This said ... I kind of wonder how propaganda-tastic this will wind up being. It's entirely possible it'll be perfectly harmless, but I...
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    [Feng Shui 2] Opinions? Anyone playing?

    I rather like it (as again, I kickstarted it). This said, I'm not sure if Feng Shui 2 is the best for an ongoing campaign ... but for a one shot or a short couple of sessions, it's great. Some of the archetypes are a little TOO on the nose, I dare say-- the Two-Fisted Archeologist is...
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    [Banana Splits] A Five Night at Fredy's rip-off adapation?

    See, the thing that gets me is that the Splits are (at least in trailers), obviously guys in suits. Production-wise, that is. They just move too smoothly, y'know? I think a lot of the unsettling horror of Freddy's (and the various animatronics that inspired the games) is the janky, uncanny...
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    [Kids on Bikes] So, what have you done with it?

    So! Having just watched the first episode of the new season of Stranger Things (but not past that! I like to pace myself) I realized I kickstarted the Kids on Bikes RPG not that long ago ... and so I dug up the book and gave it a read. And ... well, it's a thin book to begin with, aaaaand it's...
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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 1-2-3 (Spoiler Thread)

    For a show about Lovecraftian horror, that opening with Mike & Elle making out was the grossest thing they've done so far. But hey, I'm a cynic. (Also Mike is kinda awful). Also, they didn't transform Ultra Magnus right! Not to mention that the toy isn't motorized ... and hey wait a minute...
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     (Comics) Your Favorite Superhero Costume Designs

    I'll nth Captain Marvel (or, err, Shazam) as having a great golden-age costume. For something more recent, Rogue's had some pretty great costumes over the years. Maybe it's just 'cause I got into X-men in the early 90's, but the bodysuit + bomber jacket look was pretty great. I mean, it makes...
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