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  • I hope you're doing alright... you haven't been on since March 17th and it's almost September now. Please come back and let us know how you're doing.
    Aha, okay. It is exciting when there's a slew of new responses, isn't it! I'm looking forward to the group being back together and having lots to talk about!

    We seem to have gone from 'so quick I can hardly keep up' to 'I'm willing it along with MY MIND'. Of course, so much of it is down to people's real-life schedules... I guess it's just that I've got time in mine to fret over gaming a bit, which is actually awesome :D
    BTW - can I just check your procedure for updating Heresy in the Depths? Do you wait for each player in every group to respond before you do one big update - or maybe you're on a schedule? Knowing would help me manage my expectations - as I'm really enjoying the game and anticipate your updates so I can play in it more! :D
    You know, I was thinking about what you said and it really does come down to my time. If I had more of it, I'd give some serious thought to putting another game together - and you'd be top of my list!
    Man, is it wrong for me to re-read my own writing sometimes and enjoy it? :D

    This does often happen with your game, but I'm enjoying it with my own (slow) PbP here too. Actually I'm worried that I may, often, be too wordy with my posts in my game!
    ...although actually, to me that looks like just a straight upgrade to the Favoured by the Warp Talent, which is Tier 3 and lets you make one re-roll of a Phenomena as long as it's not Perils.

    For the sake of not ignoring what's already in the game, how about this:

    Make what I'm looking for a Tier 1 Talent with Favoured by the Warp as a pre-requisite. That way, it works as a lower-cost upgrade or add-on. It's overall more expensive but makes sense given what FbtW alrready does.
    So the Talent we discussed would look like this:


    Tier: 3
    Aptitudes: Psyker, Willpower
    Prerequisites: WP 50, Sanctioned Trait, Psyker Trait
    The psyker's sanctioning taught them discipline when channelling the Warp, and this discipline is now perfected - although nothing protects fully from the unpredictability of the Immaterium.
    Effect: Choose one result on the Psychic Phenomena chart (other than Perils of the Warp). When generating Psychic Phenomena for any reason, the psyker may substitute his roll for this effect, as long as he doesn’t roll Perils of the Warp.
    Makes perfect sense! Thanks. Psionic ice everywhere! :D

    Now, I just need to survive long enough to get some XP...
    Sooo on p105 of the Rogue Trader core book, the Rite of Sanctioning is a Talent that Astropath Transcendent characters can purchase. (Despite all Astropaths being sanctioned psykers by definition, they don't start with the Talent IIRC.)

    The Talent allows you to select a 'signature' result from the Psychic Phenomena table, and substitute that result for any roll on that table unless the roll results in Perils of the Warp.

    I've always loved this talent because it lets you replicate the Abnett-alike surety of psychic display - usually in his stories it's psionic ice - rather than rolling a random lightshow each time.

    So far as I can tell, there's no equivalent Talent in Dark Heresy 2nd ed. Would you be open to us agreeing a similar talent that Vorn could purchase?
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