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    Anyone else having problems getting the Playtest material?

    Equally, going nowhere fast. Who knows, maybe it's just a regional thing - not available in the UK or something. At least I don't get the Bad URL screen now, instead I get a login screen that doesn't accept my password, even when I'm logged into the wizards site. Guess I'll just...
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    Sounds like you want butcher's mail, and you can usually find that on Ebay fairly cheap. It comes as aprons and gloves, so buy two aprons and thong togther the sides to leave you arm and neck holes. It's very light stuff too, not ali light but lighter than full-steel chain.
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    Best larp you've ever played

    The best LRP I've played was the first Stargate LRP event back in 2005(?). It was an intense 24-hour time-in game. The game is set up on the premise of a British stargate programme. We had intense action sequences, frantic negotiations with the Russians and Americans extra 'activation time'...
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    How do LARPers feel about temporarily losing control of their character?

    As long as the control functions within defined limits, then it's good RP experience. If you're not prepared to roleplay the bad with the good then, to my mind, you're in the wrong hobby. The wounds argument further up is a good example. We've all met players who don't play 'hurt' and either...
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    The LARPer; Age

    I'm 37, LRP since 1989. The oldest person I play with regularly is in his sixties, and and oldest I've ever met at event was in her late seventies. In general, from my experience only, the poll is producing a peak in the right age range.
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    Setting riff: choose your superpowers (long)

    This reminds me a lot of the Chuck Palahniuk novel 'Lullaby' particularly in the 'be careful what you wish for..." sense. I see Midas, Faust and even a bit of Bedazzled. As a personal thing it would be frightening. I suspect, given my history of chronic depression, that it would be some...
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    [2008] What rocked your year?

    Three things in the gaming realm, really. SotC: Very enjoyable (it's the After the War thread on the Actual Play section.) Nice to have pulp rules that are unobtrusive and still allow daring acts of heroism. Ebon: 2-page RPG by Greg Porter. Haven't run it yet, but have a gazillion thoughts...
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    Best Experience in a LARP?

    The first 3 categories are the same instance. I was at the SGLRP winter event this year. Normally, the players are heavily armed, and unflappable. However this was set up as a Christmas Party cum diplomatic evening, so no guns. The main attack started just after dark. I play a scientist, so...
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    Venues that cry out to be used for LARP

    That's beautiful. Did a fantasy event at Harwich Redoubt Fort some years ago. I made for a spectacular dungeon crawl adventure. Part of the fort is a museum space, so we couldn't use it, but that only accounts for about a third of the rooms. When we rented it, they were closed to the public...
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    Supers in WW2

    I'd always recommend Champions for a superhero game. It's HERO system core is just framework, 'special effect' descriptions can give identical powers very dfferent effects. For example, you can use the 'Transformation' power to represent a witch's 'Turn you into a frog' spell or a tube of...
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    [SotC]After the war

    And so it began. Four intrepid adventurers out to carve a new civilisation from the barren wilderness of the island. The cynical reader might think that the fate of humanity had been left to rest in the hands of a glory hound, an art thief, a bookworm and a mad scientist. That reader might be...
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    [SotC]After the war

    I heard Falcon, but I'm the one with dodgy hearing. Let's ask Neil tomorrow.
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    [SotC]After the war

    Marc (Randy Jim) Randall-James Randy Jim was born, the son of a clergyman, on the Norfolk coast. He spent lazy days standing on the beach and staring out to the horizon across the North Sea. An education at the Bracondale School in Norwich transformed him from the embodiment of Dean Farrar's...
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    Games with Lifepath Generators?

    Mark Harris' HERO 'Culture' game has a nice one, just using abstract phrases that you flesh out to get the 'feel' for that part of your life. This link should take you to it. Hopefully. Otherwise, it's on under Champions and Iain M Banks. I've "borrowed" it a few times for...
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    When do you factor in player enjoyment?

    In another thread I mentioned being in a game where the ref rewrote the rules practically week-for-week. The upshot was that his player group relocated to the pub piecemeal over a few sessions. I stopped trying to do 'realism' a while back. Now I tweak to make games run faster, or get rid of...
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