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    3.5 Question - Archmage’s Spell Power and Item Creation?

    Does the Spell Power ability that an Archmage can buy at the cost of a level 5 spell slot apply to Itek Creation Feats? Could an Archmage use it to make a magic item that has a caster level that would otherwise be above him?
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    Understanding Incarnate Construct

    If I were to use Incarnate Construct on the effigy of an elf of a gnome, does it create a real elf or gnome, with all of the traits, or just some flesh in bone in the shape of the effigy I made?
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    (Exalted 2E) Rules for repairing Ophilem.

    Ah, thanks. I wonder if a Dragon King at Essence 6 could pull it off as well.
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    (Exalted 2E) Rules for repairing Ophilem.

    I remember that Ophilem got something of a write up, way back in 2E, and I am trying to find it. There was also something about how he can be repaired physically but he lost his purpose. Can someone please point me in the direction of where this was written?
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    [Exalted] Plausible that a Deathlord would want to defect?

    This is true, and I remember that the FFL gets pissed because of how the Scarlet Phoenix came to be. I also remember a writer telling me that the armor of the FFL was an example of a Resonance 10 punishment from the Neverborn, but he could have just been joking.
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    [Exalted] Plausible that a Deathlord would want to defect?

    But must the Deathlords be punished for betrayal? The Scarlet Empress wasn’t in that one scenario in RotSE. Could a Deathlord betray the Neverborn without courting a Resonance 10 explosion?
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    [Exalted] Plausible that a Deathlord would want to defect?

    I am unfamiliar with most of 3E, but is it plausible that a Deathlord would want to cut a deal with someone, perhaps the Cult of the Illuminated, in exchange for help against the Death Knights? The Deathlords had the entire Underworld at their finger tips, and now that you have Death Knights...
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    (Exalted 2E) How does the Ability Enlightenment power for manses interact with the Sentient power?

    I want to bring this up in a later game, and I’m unsure how Ability Enlightenment works with a Manse that is sentient and already has dots in Abilities. Does it mean it gets bonus successes for every relevant roll or that a certain number of die are always counted as successes?
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    (Exalted 2E) Could the UCS have created his own Mantle of Brigid?

    I am curious why he never bothered, beyond that it would mean acknowledging a weakness in himself. Is this likely the only reason why?
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    (Exalted 2e) Lesser Elemental Dragons max Essence score?

    That is what I thought, but I remember people saying that if they hit an Essence score past 7, then they zoom to full enlightenment.
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    (Exalted 2e) Lesser Elemental Dragons max Essence score?

    Was there ever an official maximum essence for Lesser Elemental Dragons?
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    What is around Lookshy? (Exalted)

    Thanks all for your wonderful answers. This is what I thought but I just wanted to be sure.
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    What is around Lookshy? (Exalted)

    How much land is available next to Lookshy? If a group of Solars wanted to create a country a hundred miles to its North East, how much space would it have? Does it differ by edition?
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    Mechanics for Warlock pacts?

    Can anyone point me to the rules for any of the editions warlock pacts? Specifically, rules that allow for fiends to forge them with mortals? I have a character idea that involves a debt, not to a fiend, but to a high level fiend binder, and I want to know how fiends offer the pacts in the first...
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