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    IC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    "Uh, you there, Doc?" asked Maddie. "If you can still hear me.... aw, heck. No time for you to experiment when we have a couple of cures!" So she settled for trying to jump on his head. Jump Attack! 4dF+3: 4 [4dF=+1, 0, +1, -1] isn't huge, but I mostly just want to get his attention right now.
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    IC Seven Years After: The Question

    "I don't care much for trolley problems," said Hazel. "I don't care about the logic of the insane. It's all the same thing. We just need to defeat the sensors on the devices. With all of us here, it should be easy."
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    OOC [MHRP] Voyage of the Star Witch

    Hey, why not?
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    Grand Central Absences Station

    Jeez, Squid. Take it easy.
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    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    Oh, that's a given. But they'd also include the studs and/or rings, so as to imitate every detail of their target as last seen by others.
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    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    We can see the holes where they go, however. So, not a clone. Probably.
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    IC [FAE] Hope City Heroes

    Using unexpected cybernetic strength, Dr. Doll simply shoved the civilian aside! 4dF+2: 2 [4dF=-1, +1, +1, -1] That should do, yes? Dr. Doll could simply blast again, but no doubt the Florentine was ready. So why not change things up? Controlling networked robots was very much her area of...
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    IC [D&D5] Adventuring for Fun and Profit!

    "We should look into that," said Xandra, attacking the fungus. Rapier! 1d20+8: 10 [1d20=2] 1d20+8: 23 [1d20=15] Yeah, can't actually miss. Damage: 2d8+14: 28 [2d8=6, 8]
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    IC Pathfinder: Crystal Kingdom

    1d20+6: 25 Chal shrugged off the attack. "Offensive child, I'm not so easy swayed," she said, and unleashed a Snowball. 1d20+4: 19 probably hits Touch AC; 5d6: 16 Cold damage. It's immune to Fort saves, I assume.
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    IC Masks: Sanguine Squad

    "I can deal with the electronics," said Ehri. "With any luck, they won't know what's going on, but yes, we'll have to move quickly. On my signal...." Her servants fanned out, power crackling between them as they attempted to hack all the networks. Unleash Powers! Shame my Freak is so low...
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    IC Chuubo: Paranatural Activity

    That was fine, then. Let the wildness come! It could find her at home, she was sure, and she set off for there at once.
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    IC Masks: The Spiderweb

    K was right behind her. Better to be ready, because this seemed likely to go badly.
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    [Interest/Recruitment] BESM 3rd Fairy Tail/Black Clover Super Mages!

    I'm interested; I'm thinking someone who has the power to make plants grow. At a distance. Instantly. As a combat style. I think they also have a magic prosthesis as part of their power, maybe even a couple of them.
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    IC Seven Years After: The Question

    Witch Hazel, impatient, went and answered the phone for him, dialing the number.
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    IC Save Game: Fight the Zeroes!

    Maddie is bait to get the Doc chasing her. Others will take the Doc down so we can Cutterize his infection.
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