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  • I didn't find Rahway to be a shit hole the 2 times I've gone. i don't like the lighting they use (the turn off all the lights other than spotlights around the ring during matches, unless it spills out of the ring, when they turn them all back on); it does look kind of crappy on dvd. But it's a decent place. It's just kind of like being in a high school gym, just larger. I have been to some shows at a local high school (one for WSU before it went all women, and one for ICW earlier this year. They stopped using it as it's a catholic school, so now I don't go to their shows, as the Elk's lodge is a bitch for me to get to, as I use public transportation)
    Yeah I was at WrestleReunion, front row. I was about 5 feet away when Muta misted Scott Lost, which was awesome. I'm going again this year, and I am so hyped about it already.

    I saw DGUSA twice in Phoenix, and then the two shows in September at Chicago and Milwaukee. I haven't made it to Rahway, but I hear it is quite the shithole.
    Yeah, I've been to 4 DGUSA shows. I also go every month to PWG shows in LA, who get Chuck Taylor and Ricochet alot. Nice to see another wrestling fan around.
    I like your avatar, and I see you are in NYC. Do you go to Philly for Chikara shows?
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