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Vincent Takeda

Started gaming with gamma world when I was 9
Then becmi
Then 2e
Then heroes unlimited and ninjas and superspies
Dabbled in many other systems but don't really like any of them any more than my old standbys... Not a fan of d20, dice pools, feat trees, fate points (other meta currencies), toughness/wounds mechanics, wargames, battle mats, battle mat mechachics.


Other than tabletop? Photography. Performance computers. Certain Cars. Certain Motorcycles. A few select anime titles. Sherlock. Dr Who. Hotwings, Beef Jerky, Pepperoni sticks. Samoyeds and malamutes. THACO. Astrology. Web Comics.
Denver Colorado born and raised.
Was in pbx telecom programming support, now an emergency medical courier
Favorite RPG
Heroes unlimited with ninjas and superspies




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