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    People who generally stick to one (crunchy) system - why do YOU do it?

    One follows the other I suppose. Crunchy systems have lots of fiddly bits to remember and if you want to be competent at them you have to remember them or be competent at looking them up quickly. This might require focusing narrowly on your particular favorite crunch heavy systems. Like...
  2. Vincent Takeda

    [Sorcerers & Spell Casters or Magic in RPGs ] Which do you prefer: Standardized Spell Lists or Free-Form Magic?

    Standardized spells is the way I like to go. The spell does a thing. How much jazz a player can put on how to utilize that thing can be plenty nebulous, but I like to keep the rules for what they do pretty concrete.
  3. Vincent Takeda

    Setting vs. game mechanics.

    I agree. 'How does the world work and what are we meant to be doing in it' far surpass 'where exactly are we'. And this is coming from a gamer that considers himself first and foremost an explorer. One would think setting would be highest on my list. Particularly when it comes to 'dollars spent...
  4. Vincent Takeda

    What percent of your RPG library have you actually played?

    I have to stand corrected about my 100%. I forgot that I still own Nuns with guns, batwinged bimbos from hell and renegade nuns on wheels. Which I have never actually played.
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    Creating a character from every hard copy RPG system I own

    This ought to be fun. I think If I tried this I'd have what... 5 characters? and I'd be done. Youve got your work cut out for you
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    Setting vs. game mechanics.

    I'm with option 2. Which should change more often. Rules or settings? Settings should change more often. Rules should not. Thus rules are more important.
  7. Vincent Takeda

    What percent of your RPG library have you actually played?

    100%. I got into the hobby because it was cheap. I've got a preferred system to tinker with and I dont need to be tossin my money around at every shiney new kickstarter.
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    Looking for the 'Goldilocks' superhero system

    I suggest palladium's heroes unlimited. Broad powerband, medium crunch. Character generation can be done entirely with random rolls if you prefer or by picking from the various menus. Classic mechanically, structured around the various popular hero archetypes, system is very nimble and...
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    🎨 Creative Things that would be discovered in the solar system in a supers universe

    95. A rather cynical but comprehensive travel guide... with what appers to be a very non cynical and optimistic title... wrapped in a towel.
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    An Open Letter to Implore You to Play Old Games

    currently mainlining Palladiums Heroes Unlimited for the last decade. I support this thread.
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    What a 6 year old taught me

    This is what I miss about gaming forums. The joy of the game. Most forums these days are pendantics on 'game styles' 'resolution mechanics preference' and the worst of all: 'the gaming industry'. Thank you for this.
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    Saying "No" to player character concepts.

    as a simulationist sandboxer I basically approach session zero backwards from the way a storyteller would. I dont have a story or setting in mind that the characters have to fit. I have the players make characters they can all agree to work with, and I build a setting and challenges and plot...
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    Saying "No" to player character concepts.

    If I had any kind of opinion on this I'd say its not for the gm to decide. its for the whole table to decide. Do you want this kind of character in your party? Is everyone ok with having this in the group?
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    [Supers] Freeform games that emulate superheroes but not comics?

    Palladium hits that happy middle ground for me. I find pure narrativist powers unfulfillingly broad while build a bear point powers is too pendantic. When I pick 'fly' as my superpower I neither want the looseness of 'fly however fast you want' nor 'spend x points to figure out how fast you can...
  15. Vincent Takeda

    Are Character Arcs Important?

    Its fun when it happens but I dont think its essential, and its less fun if its planned.
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