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    [Supers] Freeform games that emulate superheroes but not comics?

    Palladium hits that happy middle ground for me. I find pure narrativist powers unfulfillingly broad while build a bear point powers is too pendantic. When I pick 'fly' as my superpower I neither want the looseness of 'fly however fast you want' nor 'spend x points to figure out how fast you can...
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    Are Character Arcs Important?

    Its fun when it happens but I dont think its essential, and its less fun if its planned.
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    Recommend me a lightweight superhero system that can emulate Marvel-style superheroes?

    palladium is my go to for superhero games. Broad power gamut. Street level is easy to do but can also scrape the belly of cosmic level characters powerwise, simply divides hero types into very recognizable categories, d20 for strike and defense, damage against a combination of dangerous and non...
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     [Poll] Your Favorite RPG Genre

    Supers is the genre for me. While I do like post apocalyptic, if there's one genre I avoid like the plague, its 'grimdark'. 'Adventure and exploration' is the hallmark of the systems I play. Zombie apocalypse seems to be the only grimdark I don't have a problem with.
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    Murder Hobos and other RPG misnomers

    And of course when I think hobo I think of a person sleeping on a street corner or park bench or under a bridge, when most adventurers, even the murderous sort, tend to be able to afford a bunk at the local inn/tavern/hostel. A more accurate word for what we're referring to here is 'mercenary'...
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    The Perception Paradox

    The Bardbarian of course. That's who we'd send.
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    Dumb stuff your group has basically internalized at this point

    we differentiate 20's on the die as either 'natural 20' or 'mod20' as in '20 with modifiers'
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    The Perception Paradox

    None of the games I play use perception checks, and I'm pretty happy abou that.
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    Things you hate that players do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    So in Lenin's example, its not 'ruin your friend's fun by not playing, but instead 'ruin your friend's fun by playing, but playing in a ruinous way.'
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    Cops VS the Supernatural?

    Sounds like the show 'supernatural'... I mean at least early on Sam and Dean are always posing as investigative agents for the FBI... against the supernatural... grim but hopeful... tragedy, bonding, humor...
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    Superhero RPG Recommendations

    And of course the list wouldnt be complete without mentioning Palladium's heroes unlimited, with heroes broken up into common comic book hero archetypes.
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    Games That Get Little Love, Save From You

    Palladiums Heroes Unlimited. Just mentioning it unleashes the hordes of fans from other hero systems.
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