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    2D artist looking for work

    Your work is extraordinary -- such an amazing variety of styles!
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    Exploding dice: yea or nay?

    Can you explain the mechanic?
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    Exploding dice: yea or nay?

    What are your thoughts on exploding dice? If your opinion is conditional on their implementation, when do you like them and when do you not? Bonus: Are there any games that use a 3d6 mechanic w/ exploding 6's?
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    What are your plans for Pathfinder 2?

    Will you be playing PF2? If so, will it replace the current system you're using, or will you play it in addition to whatever game(s) you're currently playing?
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    Using Fate dice with d20

    I really appreciate the ideas you've respnded with. Now I'm looking for ideas where the Fate dice can be used with spellcasting. Since there is no spellcasting roll in d20 games, I'm thinking that characters could choose to roll up to 4 Fate dice, using the results to fuel stuff like: higher...
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    [Pathfinder 2e] is the deluxe edition binding better than the standard edition binding?

    I'm not impressed with the binding on the standard edition core rulebook. The covers feel like they will eventually tear away. Does anyone know if the deluxe edition is hardier?
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    [Pathfinder 2e] why add levels?

    This is NOT a criticism of PF 2e. I'm still reading the core rules and have not played it yet. That said, I'm not sure I understand the reason that you add your level to checks where you have proficiency in a given skill, save, AC, etc. Wouldn't it have been simpler to not add your level and...
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    What are some of your favorite 5e-based RPGs (that aren't D&D)?

    As the thread title says, what are some of your favorite 5e-based RPGs (that aren't D&D)? Of these games, which ones require the D&D PHB? What interesting changes/additions do these games offer? For example, Adventures in Middle Earth requires the PHB and has cool additions for traveling...
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    Using Fate dice with d20

    You know, I hadn't even considered its value in a skill-less game until you brought it up!
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    Using Fate dice with d20

    These are really good ideas. I had thought of the roll & keep idea and think it generally works. My only problem comes from the players at my table, many of whom are so used to the traditional way of playing D&D that I'll have to keep reminding them of how it works. But I assume that should...
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    Using Fate dice with d20

    I need your collective wisdom. I am tossing around an idea of using Fate dice (actually, some custom dice of my own design that have + and - symbols) to add an "and/but" element to d20 games such as D&D & Pathfinder. The idea is to roll 2 or 3 Fate dice along with your d20. If you get double +...
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    You Need More Dice In Your Life!

    Meta Dice, coming to Kickstarter later this month...
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    Is a subscription to DC Universe worth it?

    The DC Universe subscription ($75/year) says you get to view original and classic series & movies AND read modern and classic comics. It doesn't specify what the latter means. Is it effectively giving you a digital subscription to all new DC comics? It doesn't give any details as far as I can see.
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    Whatare your thoughts on "simultaneous" combat?

    A combatant can defend against two opponents but only attack one. Additional combatants accrue a +1 bonus to their rolls and that of their allies. So if you have a 3:1 ratio, the team with 3 attackers would each get +2 to their attack. A miss occurs with tied scores. I also have a rule where the...
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