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    Let's talk through recommendations for the Evil Hat clearance sale - anything unsold will be pulped in November.

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned but you get free shipping at $70, I believe.
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    What are your favorite system hacks?

    Back when D&D4e was the contemporary edition of the game, I created a Warhammer 40k (and then generic sci-fi) hack of the game. Basically what I did was keep everyone at level 1, removed Daily powers and let them have extra Encounter powers, skinned the powers to be sci-fi, and let them swap out...
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    🎨 Creative Creating a system to generate mysteries

    Silent Legions by Sine Nomine has a lot of tools for generating this kind of content.
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    [Peeve] DriveThruRPG and "Stock Art"

    You know what I would be down for? Curated lists. Steam has them. There are a lot of diamonds in the rough that I will never be aware of unless they end up on a daily sale or the Bundle of Holding or something. I'd love to be able to subscribe to a few curated lists from reviewers and authors I...
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    [Peeve] DriveThruRPG and "Stock Art"

    Agreed. DTRPG's search is already not great, but having what amounts to piles and piles of shovelware makes browsing a massive pain. I complained about this very thing before actually, during one of their sales. I pretty much don't browse at all on their site anymore, if what I'm looking for...
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     The author of The Exodus System has made it PWYW and is donating all proceeds to RAINN

    Apologies if someone has already put it up here for discussion, but I saw on Reddit earlier that, in response to bad actors (I'm assuming Zak S in particular but I don't to put words in his mouth), JRoss has made The Exodus System book PWYW and all of his cut is going to RAINN. The Exodus System...
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    What's your favorite system for Name-level play? (domain management/hirelings)

    Labyrinth Lord is one of the common Rosetta Stone OSR games, not a lot of weird stuff in it. An Echo Resounding itself is very easy to use with other OSR games because it works alongside them. It has a separate "level" system where you gain hero levels that make you better at managing and...
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    What's your favorite system for Name-level play? (domain management/hirelings)

    For OSR, An Echo Resounding (of Sine Nomine fame) is really good, and one of the better OSR-compatible alternatives to that-which-shall-not-be-named. Honestly you could also do worse than the rules in Godbound as well.
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    Reach of Titan (the Shadow of the Colossus/Attack on Titan RPG)

    I'm very interested as well, but I'm tired of Kickstarting projects I never play. I'd like to read a good review and maybe run a playtest before paying.
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    Game or system best suited for epic boss fights

    Does it have rules for fighting colossal enemies without mechs? I'm looking for more "a group of professionals use skill, ingenuity, and not a little bit of luck to overcome powerful foes" moreso than Pacific Rim. Not that it doesn't also sound cool.
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    Game or system best suited for epic boss fights

    Oh nice, definitely going to take a look at this.
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    Game or system best suited for epic boss fights

    I hadn't considered D&D4e, I've only really done group vs group. I'd be worried that the fight could drag on, fights in 4e tend to be super lengthy. But I'd definitely keep it in my back pocket. I've heard of Double Cross but I haven't played it. It seemed very married to its setting the last...
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