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  • Anyway, I don't mean to harass you about this, I just wanted to attempt to talk to someone about the game, and you seem to be the easiest to get in touch with. On another note....what's the deal with the secret arts? Is there a site or person or link or something that really helps with it? I feel like it is so convoluted and I try very hard to find out how it works, specifically with courtiers, and I get slivers of real info that sticks, but not the whole picture. Perhaps there are links or a wiki or live chat that I could use as a resource?

    Once again, I love this game, and hope that it continues to grow.

    Thank you very much for your time,

    P.S. I also am a freelance illustrator and if you know anyone who needs artwork for their books, etc. Here is a link to my facebook page's gallery.
    Honestly, I'm not even sure that you are part of the team working on LotW, but regardless I wanted you to know of the interest I have in the game as a whole. I would also like to run a game at the next GenCon for tickets. I don't know if that is something that matters, but I wanted you to know my enthusiasm for the project. In the past couple of cons I have been to, it seems that everything was either D&D or Pathfinder. While I have no issue with them at all, I would like to offer something new and unique, and that is what I think LotW/WotG has for people who are willing to try it. I honestly see no reason that WotG/LotW couldn't be as big as L5R or Deadlands used to be. Anyway, I will try to be as active on the forums here as I can be, and show my enthusiasm.
    I recently finished a long running Mutants and Masterminds game and a 4th Ed game and now had time to run the WotG game I wanted to for so long. We created characters and I ran a quick demo and did some reading at the last Gen Con. I know that WotG wasn't perfect, but so far it seemed to have everything I was looking for and respected the source material a great deal. Unfortunately, it was also quite a convoluted read and not very easy for me to navigate. I knew that the game needed a revision, and I discovered you guys were doing just that. Needless to say my friends and I got very excited about the prospects you fine folks have for LotW, so have tasked myself to follow it's development and hopefully arrival to the USA so I might purchase about 5 copies.
    Hello Brad! I don't know if you remember me, as I am sure you talk to many fans of WotG, but a couple of years ago at GenCon some friends and I bought your product and you ran a demo game of WotG for us to help us understand the system. We played the Auspicious Beginnings adventure and had a great time. The reason for my message is mullti fold...
    Well, I really should have checked this sooner. I am a member of wikidot, but not of your site, and I apparenlty need a secret password to join.
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