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    Amazing Moments in Mediocre Media

    Speaking of the prequels... The opening scene of The Phantom Menace, with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan running around Nute Gunray's ship, was one of the best-plotted action sequences I've seen. Nute Gunray controls the whole ship and a squad of droids, and there still nothing he can really do to the...
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    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    I had always heard that they viewed is as a little to "adult" for them to want their kids to stumble across, so they took it off their site until their kids were old enough to contextualize it. I don't have a citation for that, but it's been a consistent rumour. Buck Godot can be found on the...
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    New and Improved Rules for Running The Deck of Many Things

    I do like the idea of a party finding a deck with just ONE card left in it, so if they can research the history of the deck they can narrow-down if it's likely to be a good one.
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    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    Spoiled in case anyone wants to have a "fun" find-the-Winslow" game ;) EDIT: Reading The Winslow's wiki page makes me remember how much I miss Buck Godot.
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    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    Hello! (by which I mean, there is a potential sighting of The Winslow)
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    (Official) Game of Thrones Last Season and All Before General Discussion

    "Rhaegal" (the dragon's name) name sounds like "Rhaego" (Dany's son's name)? ...but yeah, this is based on the theory that the souls of the three people who died in that fire (Khal Drogo, Mirri Maz Duur, and Rhaego) were used to awaken the dragons. Or that they effectively reincarnated as the...
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    (Official) Game of Thrones Last Season and All Before General Discussion

    Until s8e4, I had hopes that Rhaegal (the dragon) would fulfill that prophecy. Maybe Doesn't he kill Tywin first? Regardless, I also consider this to be a face/heel turn. Of a smaller scale than Dany's, for sure, but similarly destructive of a character I had liked. Was it unreasonable? No...
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    (Official) Game of Thrones Last Season and All Before General Discussion

    One thing about the Dany-twist, specifically as opposed to the Ned-twist or the red-wedding-twist, is that it was a subversion of her character in a way that we haven't really seen in this show*. - With Ned, he was set up to be the hero of a series, and so we assumed he had a certain degree of...
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    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    When someone reminds her too, sure ;)
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    (Official) Game of Thrones Last Season and All Before General Discussion

    This looks much better than what we've gotten so far; I'm sorry your speculation was wrong. In particular, I like how this would have presented the Night King and co as a real threat to the world, not just a load-bearing boss. It would have continued the theme that Westeros can't prevail unless...
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    Did The Expanse TV show really come from the TTRPG?

    D20 Modern! That's the piece of information that I've been looking for :)
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    Narrative-driven alternatives to D&D

    13th Age didn't really work well with my group, but it does sounds like a good fit for what you want, depending on what your group doesn't like about World-of-Warcraft-style combat. 13th Age has a narrative and free-form exploration system, but then a tactically focused combat system. Like D&D...
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    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    One of the themes of the comic is that "Monsters are people too". The protagonists work with monsters all the time. Mechanicsburg is a town full of things that, in an other series, would be second-stage-boss villains; in Girl Genius they're all (sort of) working and living together. Vapnoople...
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    Today's Order of the stick 21: Who Died and Made You Boss?

    I see no reason to think this process of becoming a paragon of your alignment, and eventually serving as a long-term power-source for the gods, is involuntary (at least in those afterlives that are supposed to be a reward). Wherever Roy was, souls are allowed to spend as much time as they want...
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    How Fate of Cthulhu (currently on Kickstarter) is doing something with mythos storytelling I've not seen before.

    Don't underestimate the value of "signal boosting". I wouldn't have backing this kickstarter if people hadn't said nice things about it here.
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