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    Games that are hard to find in the US

    Yeah, they all belong to the Rebirth edition and are totally compatible. Setting-wise "In Thy Blood" has the least information concerning a region (the northern part of Purgare) even though it captures the day-to-day life quite well, but the main part of this book is definitely the adventure...
  2. Xion

    Degenesis - opinions?

    Well, I have to differ from Argent's opinion a bit here. The adventure modules are definitely flawed, especially if you get them with the intention of saving a lot of preparation time. Most parts are written in prose, and as Argent says, read 'railroady' or assume the PC's reaction (that...
  3. Xion

    Games that are hard to find in the US

    Jehammed's Trilogy consists of three books, which all encompass a detailed new region in the world of Degenesis and an premade adventure. The books are "In Thy Blood", "The Killing Game" and "Black Atlantic"
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    [Degenesis] Planned Releases in 2019

    There's a lot in store for the Primal Punk RPG 'Degenesis: Rebirth' in 2019. This week the completely free 'Potentials' supplement was released, collecting all Potentials previously published in the Degenesis line as well as a whole bunch of new ones. You can get it here, totally for free...
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    Degenesis - opinions?

    A little late here, but I enjoy Degenesis quite a lot! The mysterious background of the monsters that are the Psychonauts, the sci-fi scheming of the Recombination Group and the polit-bickering of all the Cults make it a really diverse setting in which you can tackle a huge variety of...
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    Games that are hard to find in the US

    I'm not sure if you heard it yet, but shipping costs will be compensated by the publisher if you order books with a purchase price of at least 150€. That definitely is a lot, but for that price you could get the whole "Jehammed's Trilogy" Campaign bundle, complete with the accompanying PDF's. Or...
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    Dengenesis party rationale

    So, how did it work out? I found, that with a bit of flexibility, you could make almost any combination of characters work, without bringing any changes into the setting. You do play the Rebirth Edition, I guess? Because in the older one, it was much tougher to form a party ^^'
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