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  • Nice! What do you think so far? (It is a lot more fast-paced than I was expecting but I still like it.)
    Well we are now!

    I have just been assuming every post in that thread is a carefully plausible joke.
    I hope you like it! If you don't like it I hope you are at least not mad that you are totally helping fund my CoC collection.
    Damnit! This is just making me irritated that I can't get into a good supers game on the PBP forums.

    Thanks for the pointer, though.
    Yep! Your only options for DR are to read the LP threads or wait for the anime to come out, unfortunately.
    Ναι! :)
    Ψάχνω γενικά από το Lulu να πάρω κάτι κυρίως σε OSR φάση αλλά πχ και το Jaws Of The Six Serpents το ψήνω άσχημα ή κάποιο άλλο indie...Έκανα και post στα forums...Εχουν 30% έκπτωση μέχρι τις 27 του μήνα. Άμα έχεις να προτείνεις κάτι Master μου πες! :)
    The "reading daggers" are a further play on "bladekindEyewear". I mean, for practical purposes, I have to have my everyday knives for work, my sun-shanks for outdoors, reading daggers, my spare knives in case the others break...
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