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    [Crusader Kings 2] [Let's Play] Succession Game 4: Let the Dice Fall

    If you're still taking, I'd love to be on the list! This sounds exciting!
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    Help Me Figure This Out

    Hmm, I'm interested in the idea of Dark/Light dice, but I'm not sure how they integrate well into building a horror atmosphere. I feel like a horror system has to come with a rising sense of tension and a lower sense of character agency. A game can tell a horror story without having mechanics...
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    Running Masks for the first time

    I have some general advice and also some stuff specifically about how Masks treats superpowers. In general: Moves should come up when there's an interest in their success or failure, or when it's tense. Look at your Agendas, Principles and Moves when deciding on what to do- Agendas and...
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    I've had a chance to play Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist twice. It's a rather strange, obtuse game that is 80% self-parody and 20% game design insights. The rule-set is filled with things that make very little sense, but the setting has the characteristic fantastic whim. There are some parts of the...
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    Jenna Moran's upcoming new game, Glitch

    Ah, I’m very excited! I hope I can run a game as soon as it hits sale. A story of not!
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    🎨 Creative Explain a Rpg Plot/Setting Badly

    You are going to solve all of your problems with toast. Someone will be turned into toast, and if you’re lucky you’ll be one making the awful toast puns.You’re probably going to save the world by hitting someone who wants to destroy it with a toaster oven, if they don’t get you to go out on a...
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    Damnation and other cool western town names

    Near Missoula, Montana there used to be a town called Hellgate.
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     Tell me about your favorite wizards

    So I love wizards and magic users in games. I play them whenever I have a chance. I’ve recently been enjoying playing some pbta games that make for some really fun wizard content- my fellowship harbinger has a cool bat/shapeshifting motif and uses a lantern to cast magical shadows. Please...
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    J K R O W L I N G, oh no, you did not just... :o

    The pottermore related stuff is secondary in my discontent with her. I’m personally done with JK because at this point she needs to either put up or shut up with regards to gay characters. I refuse to believe she couldn’t write a book with one, or demand that they include one in those films...
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    [setting riff] The Four Children of Eden

    I certainly think that having orcs/beastmen not eat of either tree is certainly different. Like Sabermane pointed out, It implies they have the greatest claim to holiness by way of never breaking their commandments. Perhaps they willingly left the garden to help their wayward siblings, only to...
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    LGBTQ+ rpg podcast

    I would love to get a chance to listen to more LGBTQ+ voices and perspectives in RPG stuff and play. I know a lot of friends who are getting into the hobby now and it's very heartening. I'd definitely listen to a podcast that started with this focus.
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    The Bigotry Inherent in the System

    I think one of the issues with the differences between various player race/species in fantasy games is that they are very similar to humans, and form monocultures. This encourages people to, consciously or subconsciously, try to *fit* them to groups you know. It's also a lot easier to, say...
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    "Decolonizing D&D"

    I mean, it might take a lot of work to change how D&D focuses on things. That's true. It may be easier to just create an entirely new game, but starting from incentives isn't a bad idea. Though, to be honest, you are correct in some of the adjudicating. From a certain perspective, you could...
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    Are there any RPGs that reward low attributes?

    In addition to the "XP on miss" from a lot of PBtA games, there's also the fact that poor rolls or misses can sometimes be interesting or desirable. I've had moments in Masks games where I really wanted to get a poor roll purely for the drama of doing so. So long as failures are not...
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    "Decolonizing D&D"

    Instead of very general milestones, you could introduce new specific actions that provide experience. Imagine playing in an iteration of D&D in which you gain experience from: Presenting a creative or interesting solution to a problem you face. Going somewhere new and enjoying the beauty of...
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