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    Anyone else have a horrible gaming year?

    The one ccg I played got canned, two of the lcgs I played got canned, my 40k army got a new dex but the generic marine dex is still better, my small scale minis game got sidelined for halo battles, my favorite rpg got canned and the people who make guildball are now focussing on their recently...
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    Pruning your collection feels great

    After twenty years of gaming and collecting systems for nothing other than I have aspergers and can't help it(books in general are one of my limited things I enjoy.) I pruned my collection down to four systems and you know I dont miss the ones got rid of. Sure I miss owning the actual books but...
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    Fan made files based on existing product

    I am working on making a scaled down version of the games Space Hulk and Lost Patrol. Would it be agaisnt the rules if I posted the tile sets I am working on? Nothing in them allows you to play the games without owning the actual rules they are simply tiles scaled down to 6mm with art I am...
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    Guild Ball

    Is this exploding anyone else's gaming circle? I don't think I've ever seen a game do this well even x-wing and Netrunner didn't catch on this fast. It went from like one guy here to something like 20 people and a few of us have two teams already. It's even dragged in people who have never...
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    Warmachine/Hordes Corerules are a free PDF

    If you've ever been curious about either game then head over to the privateer press website and download them. The only difference between the print rules and this is they cut out the faction specific stuff so you're only getting the rules needed to play no models stats or painting guides but...
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    Citing the penal/vehicle code [Answered]

    Does directly citing either of these if all you will be doing is saying this is what the code says violate the rule on giving legal advice?
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    Recomended books for Pathfinder

    I got Pathfinder Core Rules, Bestiary, Game Mastery Guide, and Innersea World Book for my birthday. I wanted to know which of the other books/guides/chronicles others considered must haves if you were going to be using it as a murderhobo system. I asked the GM who normally runs pathfinder...
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    Small World expansions

    So I got Small World for my birthday two weeks ago and I like it. The idea to include those referance sheets for players is awesome. I was wondering if anyone has played the expansions/extras and if they were any good.
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    Recommend me some books

    Other than that series that I gues is called A Game of Thrones/A Song of Fire and Ice. Any genre is fine. I'm not really picky about that as long as the pacing is good and the plot makes sense I'll pretty much read anything and even if it's terrible I'll at least finish it. Just to give a...
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