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  1. avram

    [Fate/FAE] What's not to grok?

    Yes, it is tedious. And as someone who started RPGing with the white box edition of D&D back in the 1970s, I can tell you that it’s not an issue specific to Fate. Way back in (I think it was) AD&D first edition, if you wanted to kill someone, you had to go through the combat system, unless you...
  2. avram

    [Fate/FAE] What's not to grok?

    Here’s the bit in the SRD (page 132 of the Fate Core rulebook) discussing the difference between minor cost and serious cost. It specifically mentions having a PC take stress as the result of a failed overcome roll. Here’s the bit in the SRD (pages 185–186 of the Fate Core rulebook) covering...
  3. avram

    [Fate/FAE] What's not to grok?

    You’re mistaken about this. Aspects also grant permission. That can mean something mechanical in character creation, like the aspect Wizard granting permission to spend stunt slots on cool magic extras. But it can also mean the GM making decisions in play about what the PC has to roll for. The...
  4. avram

    [Fate/FAE] What's not to grok?

    First, let me point out that lots of Fate players discourage best-in-the-world-type aspects for exactly this reason. That gotten out of the way, there are plenty of settings where this kind of aspect is perfectly fine. Inigo Montoya, in The Princess Bride, surely has the aspect Greatest...
  5. avram

    [Fate/FAE] What's not to grok?

    Have their been any James Bond movies where Bond meets the villain in the opening scene? As I recall, the movie usually opens with him taking care of some business that’s distantly related to the big villain’s plot, and then he has to trace down leads, beat up some flunkies, sleep with some...
  6. avram

    [Fate/FAE] What's not to grok?

    Sure, Loki’s always gonna double-cross you eventually — but on the way there, he’s gonna Sneakily do some spying and infiltration to suss out your weak spots, Cleverly set up some false fronts, and Flashily try to convince you that they’re true.
  7. avram

    About fantasy and "evil races"

    There are several places in the text of Lord of the Rings where orcs and half-orcs are described as "sallow" (yellow-skinned) and/or with squinting or slanted eyes: "In one of the windows [Frodo] caught a glimpse of a sallow face with sly, slanting eyes; but it vanished at once. 'So that's...
  8. avram

    Steve Jackson has The Fantasy Trip again! [Kickstarted successfully!]

    Re: Steve Jackson has The Fantasy Trip again! Any idea how big that "big box" is going to be? Like, in inches? Curious tabletop gamers in small apartments without a lot of spare shelf space would like to know!
  9. avram

    Aspects-like mechanics, sans ‘economy’

    There are a couple of OSR games that do something like this. Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells has three very broad character classes (basically Fighter, Thief, and Mage), and has PCs take a vocation to make themselves more specific. One Fighter could take Soldier as a vocation, while another takes...
  10. avram

    Fate Rules - statting out "emotions" and other stressors as enemies (Fate Fractal?)

    So you'd probably be interested in checking out Rockalypse or Rockalypse Accelerated then.
  11. avram

    [Fate] Weakness mechanics in Fate

    1) Obvious things are obvious. I wouldn't require a roll. 2) In the example you're giving, of the Police Chief, "-2 resist to threats to his family" isn't an aspect, it's something like a skill or approach. If someone wanted to roll to discover it, I'd probably make that an overcome roll, but...
  12. avram

    [FATE] Active defend against enemy's personal create advantage action

    Fate Core SRD (also on page 131 of the book): "If a PC or a named NPC can reasonably interfere with whatever the action is, then you should give them the opportunity to roll active opposition. This does not count as an action for the opposing character; it’s just a basic property of resolving...
  13. avram

    💯 {Staff Pick} Some Stuff about Classic Traveller

    It wouldn't be surprising. But psionics was also a well-established part of science fiction. The word was coined by John W Campbell Jr, editor of Astounding/Analog magazine from 1937-71, who believed in all sorts of weird fringe science, and was hugely influential on mid-20th-century science...
  14. avram

    Best/Favorite Dice Rolling App for Android Phones

    If you just want random numbers, and don't care about nice dice animations, I like CritDice. Simple calculator-like interface, saves a history, allows you to define favorites in categories (so you can have different sets of easily-rolled dice for different games). There's a set of simple dice...
  15. avram

    Bringing Back Ring Binders

    The old (1980) Thieves' Guild RPG was published this way, minus the internet-distribution.
  16. avram

    Modern business models and magic

    Max Gladstone's Craft Sequence of novels is all about this. Magic spells like contracts, soul-stuff like money and investments, gods like companies. Here's an actual line from Full Fathom Five, the third book in the series: "Kai ruminated through the afternoon, and dinner, and the night. By...
  17. avram

    💯 {Staff Pick} Princess Bride RPG [Staff Pick for post #76]

    Re: Princess Bride RPG A doubly-fictionalized version of the book's own author, because the version of William Goldman described in the introduction (with a son, and a wife who's a child psychologist, and whose father is a first-generation immigrant from Florin) is not the real William Goldman...
  18. avram

    Stars Without Number Second Edition

    Space Age Sorcery (currently free!) is a D&D-style spell supplement designed for sci-fi games. There's one spell that turns a ship's FTL drive into an artificial black-hole based wormhole. (At the cost of destroying the drive, of course. Pretty handy for escaping from an enemy ship.)
  19. avram

    Most Meta Game You've Ever Played?

    My group had a long-running homebrew game set in the modern world with secret magical stuff that eventually became publicly-known magical stuff. We established at some point that an anime studio made a TV series about my PC. Then we got a copy of Primetime Adventures and ran a short series set...
  20. avram

    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    I like The Everyman, but what's the point of the always-marked Profession condition?
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