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  1. tutunaku

    IC Night's Black Agents - «una camioneta gris»

    Zach is attending the 10th Annual Mesquite Jorobado Nation Rodeo and Car Show, one of the biggest days on the Mesquite Jorobado Reservation. The fair has been going on all weekend and the car show has been drawing large crowds, and Zach has run into some old colleagues. An impressed looking...
  2. tutunaku

    Night's Black Agents - una camioneta gris

    Lately, I've had a nostalgia trip watching old, low budget 80s Mexican action movies, and I want to run something like that. I know it's fairly niche, but I only really need one player. Any more is just a bonus. Generally, I imagine it being set ca. 1982 on both sides of the US-Mexico border...
  3. tutunaku

    IC L'organisation CLAUDE dans "Le maquis a des yeux" - Fall of DELTA GREEN

    3 Janvier 1951 Prelude Hotel 'Metropole', Hanoi The dining room is quite fashionable, and perhaps inappropriate for a briefing, but the man you've only known as The Admiral has summoned you here. You already know your next posting. Down in the Delta, of the Mekong, and your purported purpose...
  4. tutunaku

    OOC Les Maquisards starring in "Le maquis a des yeux" - The Fall of Delta Green - Organisation 'CLAUDE'

    Here's the out of character thread where we can finishing giving meat to our little expedition. @bikewrench @pstjmack @tomas @lustum
  5. tutunaku

    The Fall of Delta Green: Organisation CLAUDE in "Le maquis a des yeux"

    The year is nineteen-fifty; Marianne wants her jewels back. You're sent across the sea To stare at the abyssal black. Indochina is a mess, and you're stuck in it. Don't worry about the Viet Minh. You're here for something much older. You are always being watched, and not always are those eyes...
  6. tutunaku

    SOLO: A Fall of Delta Green story

    I recently acquired the Gamemaster's Apprentice Horror deck and I want to try it out with some ideas that came up during research for a character in a game run by the venerable @pstjmack . I want to see how far along I can get by myself (which probably isn't long) but if anyone is curious I...
  7. tutunaku

    OOC Delta Green: Operation ANTIQUE NOVELTY

    Welcome to the Opera. Enjoy this placeholder while you talk.
  8. tutunaku

    [RECRUITMENT] Delta Green: Operation ANTIQUE NOVELTY

    This is the official recruitment thread for a game of Delta Green run by yours truly, as requested in this thread: I have four players already interested and that seems like a good number to start, but I feel comfortable taking up...
  9. tutunaku

    IC A Mixed and Incongruous Population

    Outside Stanwix Station, New Mexico Territory March 7 1862 Stanwix Station has seen better days. Even when the Butterfield Overland stage line ran through, it was perhaps not the best maintained way station. In any event, the harsh desert sun would quickly any attempt largely irrelevant...
  10. tutunaku

    OOC A Mixed and Incongruous Population

    Make yourselves at home dear people.
  11. tutunaku

    [Interest] Western CoC?

    [Interest / Closed Recruitment] Western CoC? I have had the itch to play a Western for some time. Being the rather odd sort with niche interests I have stuck to solo RPG experimentation with my weird alternate history setting. I've seen a smattering of comments expressing interest in some kind...
  12. tutunaku

    [Interest] Anybody wanna play a western?

    I don't know why but lately I've been binging on Wild West rpgs. I bought Deadlands Classic on Bundle of Holding, Coyote Trail and Gunslingers & Gamblers from drivethru, among others I can't remember off the top of my head. I've owned Werewolf: Wild West for years and I even started looking...
  13. tutunaku

    [Interest] DELTA GREEN with FATE Core or GUMSHOE

    I have been reading through the FATE Core book and Delta Green publications and I feel like maybe running something DG related, either using FATE or the GUMSHOE system, with which I am more familiar.
  14. tutunaku

    [Interest / Brainstorming] GUMSHOE game

    I'm thinking about running a GUMSHOE game, most likely either Night's Black Agents or Trail of Cthulhu. I have some vague ideas but am open to any pitches.
  15. tutunaku

    [Recruitment] Eternal Lies

    I'm trying to gather some players for my attempt at running Pelgrane's Trail of Cthulhu campaign, Eternal Lies. I have one interested player and I'm looking ideally for two more.
  16. tutunaku

    Recommend a system for Hong Kong style action films.

    As the title says, I'm interested in a system that models the martial arts action genre. I'm aware of Feng Shui, but are there others?
  17. tutunaku

    [Brainstorming / Idle Speculation] GUMSHOE Delta Green

    As the title suggests, this will be the first step toward a game of Delta Green ported on the GUMSHOE system. My initial idea is to use Night's Black Agents mixed with Sanity and Mythos portions of Trail of Cthulhu; that is, modern skills and the Background system, rather than Trail's...
  18. tutunaku

    What system for Delta Green?

    Has anyone used a system other than d100 for Delta Green? If so how did it port over? I ask because I am seriously considering running a PBP of the setting, but am not as familiar with the Chaosium as I am with GUMSHOE and Savage Worlds, which have there own Cthulhu Mythos books.
  19. tutunaku

    [Brainstorming] GUMSHOE (Probably TOC)

    I've been mulling over running a game here. I'm still a novice at the art of GMing, but I've had good experiences running PBP games elsewhere.The system I know the best is GUMSHOE, and am most familiar with Trail of Cthulhu. My kernel of a half-formed idea is thus: I have loved the Purist games...
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