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  1. zenten

    🔐 Closed Recommend games not created at all by cis men

    What games are out there where none of the writers, editors, artists, owners of the publishing company, etc are cis men? I'm sure there has to be some.
  2. zenten

    [Changeling the Dreaming] BNS has announced a new Changeling MET

    According to Facebook posts (that I don't know how to link to) By Night Studios just announced at a con that they will be coming out with a new Mind's Eye Theatre book. First off, does anyone know of a verifiable, linkable source? Second, do you think they'll be including setting info, new...
  3. zenten

    [World of Darkness] Capital letters

    Why is it that World of Darkness games have Capitalization of so many Terms? I'm getting back into Changeling right now, and I'm feeling like some 18th century writer every time I post about it.
  4. zenten

    [Changeling the Dreaming] 20th Anniversary Backer PDF

    Anyone read it yet? I'm just downloading it right now. I'm such a combination of nervous and excited.
  5. zenten

    [Nobilis] Is third edition Nobilis a story game?

    While a lot about the mechanics and assumptions and way things are explicitly spelled out makes it not really a trad game, I think the way the players must advocate for their PCs ultimately makes it not a story game either. Your thoughts?
  6. zenten

    How do you handle players not showing up?

    OK, so since I graduated high school (far too long ago now that I think about it) and people started having lives I've found people cancel very often. I rarely am in game sessions where everyone who initially says they want to come doesn't have at least one person cancel the day of, and maybe...
  7. zenten

    [Exalted 3E] Using the corebook rules for other Exalted

    Tell me about how using the rules in the corebook for other Exalted has worked out for your game? Has it worked well, or are you really wishing the books for the other types existed in this edition?
  8. zenten

    [Nobilis] what kinds of mortal magic are there?

    I remember the botanists, but are there others mentioned in the books? Is there anything additional to grab from Chuubo's for this?
  9. zenten

    Running a game with rules you don't particularly like

    So, I tend to be of the "system matters" crowd. But, I really want to get a game of Changeling the Dreaming going, and I don't want to wait until 2017 for the 20th anniversary edition to come out. My problem is I've run a bunch of Changeling the Dreaming with the second edition rules set back...
  10. zenten

    [necro][Changeling: The Dreaming+] Where we ramble about what we love about Changeling

    I'm so excited about new Changeling that I can't even keep it together. Like, OMG, Nockers. And Chimera. And glamour and banality to describe the otherwise indescribable experiences that don't map well into standard English. And passion. And frustration. And picking up a stick that is...
  11. zenten

    NPC Magnificent Bastards

    So, I have a character concept in mind for the Nobilis game I'm running that falls under the TV Trope Magnificent Bastard ( How do I pull this off properly without it being annoying for the players? I'm lucky to have a fair amount...
  12. zenten

    [Nobilis, Exalted] Properties of Creation

    So, lets suppose Creation as it is in Exalted is off in the Lands Beyond (instead of on the World Tree or something in Nobilis), and Pure Chaos in Exalted is the Not in Nobilis. What would the properties of Creation be?
  13. zenten

    Which epub version should I load onto my Android phone?

    So, I have a new Android phone using Android OS 4.0. I don't currently have any sort of ereader on it, but I'm thinking of having one. I have some of the Nobilis books available to me on epub (from DriveThru). But there are multiple versions for each book. So which book, and which program...
  14. zenten

    Anyone else playing Matriarchy?

    I'm talking about this game: I started playing it a few days ago, and for some reason I really like it. It's weird, normally I don't like stuff like this much. I do think it isn't finished really. The kickstarter for it referred to things that aren't there, and it...
  15. zenten

    Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie too!

    We're Wonder Ponies and we'll help you! What's going to work? Friendship! What's going to work? Friendship!
  16. zenten

    [GM Advice] Dealing with sexism at the gaming table

    So, in light of the new policy change* regarding sexism discussions here, I thought maybe this rather useful topic might be possible without it going down in flames. Lets suppose you're GMing a game, and one of the guys at the table says something that makes women at the table (and maybe even...
  17. zenten

    [Nobilis 3E] What planning should I do for starting up a game?

    So I'm starting up a Nobilis 3E game in a few weeks. Range of experience of the players goes from probably the most active HG in the city, to "what's a Nobilis?" I have very little experience running Nobilis myself, although I've been wanting to for many years now. I'm planning on going...
  18. zenten

    What Makes a Baby

    So, someone's got a kickstarter project (and hey, they're Canadian, does that mean that Canadians can use kickstarter now?) going for a very inclusive book about "where babies come from" for kids. They're working to make sure every type of family is included, so you can give it to your kids...
  19. zenten

    [Exalted] Charms for the truely lazy

    So what are some truely lazy uses for canon Charms/Spells/Artifacts/etc that you can think of? One that keeps on popping into my head is using Door Evasion Technique for when my arms are full of stuff and thus can't turn the door knob. And then there's the player in a game I was running who...
  20. zenten

    The Resources problem

    So lots of games have some sort of stat that reflects what kind of income your character has. It's usually designed so that you can make a character ranging from no income whatsoever, through various levels of employment, up through being very very rich. Now, the mechanic that covers using...
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