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  1. Derrick Kapchinsky

    What does a typical session look like?

    Often, when I read this forum, I’m struck by how seemingly different my playstyle is from what I perceive to be the norm. And earlier tonight I was talking to a couple of friends about something similar tonight and it occurred to me that I kind of don’t know what goes on at other tables any...
  2. Derrick Kapchinsky

    Help me to like Planet Coaster

    Hello! I bought Planet Coaster a day or two ago and kind of bounced hard off of it. It was a lot more tedious and a lot less user friendly than I was imagining. In fact, I bounced so hard off of it that I actually requested a refund. Unfortunately, I played it for 5 hours (at least 2 of...
  3. Derrick Kapchinsky

    *Kickstarter* Zombie World, from Magpie Games

    Z-DAY HAS ARRIVED! The Zombie World Kickstarter is now... ALIVE. Come join us for our new card-based tabletop rpg set in the zombie apocalypse. You play survivors hoping to build a new life months after Z-Day, struggling against both the living and the dead to find your place in the world.
  4. Derrick Kapchinsky

    PvP problems in Blades in the Dark

    Hi! My group restarted a game of Blades in the Dark last night after a hiatus of several months. One of the reasons (aside from scheduling) we put the game on hold in the first place is that we all really enjoy having various points of tension between the players which will occasionally...
  5. Derrick Kapchinsky

    Best Sports Games [PS3 / PC]

    When the current generation of consoles came out, I decided that I wasn't that interested in exclusives, so I would pass on those and just focus on PC gaming. Unfortunately, I get the itch to play sports games every 5 years or so and it's about that time again. So with EA abandoning PCs almost...
  6. Derrick Kapchinsky

    [WIP] XCOM EW - Long War

    Hey! I started a playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Within using the Long War mod about a week ago on G+ and figured that since I'm writing it up anyway, I might as well post it here too. I'm sure most people have moved on to XCOM2 by now, and that there's already a WIP of that and EW vanilla here...
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