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    Romans vs. centaurs

    Something as simple as a concealed cattle grid would probably be useful, too, especially if they hit it at a full gallop.
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    Anyone remember this old game?

    No problem! You can find the Amstrad version here, if you're still looking!
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    Anyone remember this old game?

    This one: ?
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    (MARVEL/SUPERS) Help needed coming up with hero name

    (Borrowing heavily from Iron Man) Arclite.
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    Video game plot twists and elements that drive you up the wall..

    Having my character killed at the very end of game. It might've been sign posted from the very beginning and even integral to the plot in some cases, but it's still annoying.
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    Heists, prison breaks and whodunnits

    Leverage looks perfect, thanks a lot for the info! :)
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    Heists, prison breaks and whodunnits

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever run a game that required a lot of detailed planning on behalf of the players - scenarios like Ocean's Eleven style heists, prison breaks, elaborate cons like the TV series Hustle etc? Did you have a definite set of criteria that had to be met, for the...
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    Tips on solo RPGing?

    Also, join the Solo Gamers group here on and check out the Solo Nexus blog for some interesting ideas.
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    RPGs you really wish existed

    I'd really like to see a cyberpunk RPG in the mould of William Gibson's early work (Burning Chrome, Johnny Mnemonic, The Sprawl Trilogy), very noir-ish with rundown- and high-technology often side by side.
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    A supernatural force that eats people in the dark

    Poor grue. I do know better now, though!
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    A supernatural force that eats people in the dark

    Some great ideas here, thanks guys! Going to check out a few of those books, especially "When True Night Falls", that sounds pretty interesting. Edit: Also, I think my geek status might've been repealed because I'd never heard of a grue before today :/
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    A supernatural force that eats people in the dark

    I was reading an interesting article on world-building recently, and came across this seemingly throw-away line for a plot hook: "A supernatural force that eats people in the dark (therefore making candles and lanterns necessary and commonplace)." It really piqued my interest and reminded me a...
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    Astrogation in the Star Wars universe

    Radar, that map and your formula are really good, thanks! Thanks for the advice, guys.
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    Astrogation in the Star Wars universe

    Hey guys, hope you've all had a good Christmas so far. Anyway, I've been reading through the SW Saga Edition rulebook for the first time, came across the rules for astrogation and just have a quick question. The rules say that each passage through hyperspace takes 1d6 days x the vessel's...
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    [Setting Creation] How shall ammo be rare and expensive?

    It could also be a completely different aesthetic approach to war - like the way Klingons and Orks forget about their firearms as soon as they get close enough, and use their hand-to-hand weapons. Or like 18th C France where honour is decided at the point of a sword ...
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    [a thought] Online Wargames

    This came up on TMP a couple of weeks ago, and I talked about it a bit on my blog (such as it is) but basically I use CorelDraw to create those kind of battle report maps, and I've been thinking about using it to try PBEM wargames. It'd be possible to email the file back and forth with each...
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    Real People Who Are Obviously PCs

    I've always thought Ellen MacArthur was pretty awesome: So awesome that the DM even had to change the rules when it looked like nobody was going to beat her. I could imagine her as a Joan of Arc/obnoxious Paladin sort of PC.
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    [40K] Is guns akimbo possible?

    Haven't played 5th edition rules - do plasma pistols still take a turn to re-charge? So you could fire a plasma pistol in one turn, and fire the other next turn while the first is re-charging?
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    RPGs without conflict

    If we ever achieve Utopia, what would it mean to us as a society? What level of technology would we have by that time? Something similar to the Culture novels, we'd have almost infinite leisure time for pursuits such as science and arts. We might exist in a world without conflict, but nature...
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    How to handle lessons in a High School setting?

    Great ideas, thanks! I also discovered a fun system called Wandering Monster High School while I was searching through the archives, which has a simple system for deciding grades.
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